What our couples have to say about our Weekday Comprehensive Series

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Nathan and I were part of Rhonda's class in March 2015. I cannot say enough positive things about healthy birth choices. Taking the 7 week series gave my husband and I the knowledge and empowerment we needed to navigate through birth and the weeks after birth. I felt confident and comfortable leading into the delivery of my son. I was also confident I had an educated partner who understood my needs and beliefs about birth. We took on our delivery like a team and I have Rhonda and her class to thank for that  :)


"My wife signed us up for the 7 week class and I was not excited.  I never enjoyed school and wasn't looking forward to going back, why did I need a class to teach me to hold her hand and tell her to push?  After a few classes I really got into it and I learned there was so much I didn't know about childbirth.  It helped my wife and I get on the same page about the birth and I learned so much about what I could do to help mom and baby. Taking the class was the most important thing we did for our family."


I was just telling Taylor last night that it felt weird not going to class and I miss everyone too. Felt like a little family :) Thank you so much for being honestly the most amazing teacher Taylor and I have encountered. Taylor goes on and on about how wonderful you are. He was a terrible student in school (believe it or not), didnt go past grade 10 and has never been much for "learning" (in his words) and with your guidance he blossomed into the star of the class! What a nice thing to see and it is definitely thanks to you. You gave him the confidence he needs to see me through on this journey and for that, I am forever grateful :)


I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your amazing guidance and information. We came into that class a little unsure and a lot nervous and we have gained so much confidence from you.   Your class gave us every single tool we could possibly need for this journey.
Kathryn & Luc

People were amazed when I told them that I was taking a 10 week 25 hour course about natural childbirth. I was also amazed that I was doing this, after the course was over i realized how much I truly would have missed out on, had I not taken the class.  When I was told about the class, I rolled my eyes and thought, how painful it was going to be. After the 3rd class I was saying out loud how amazing the class was and how I was learning things that I would have never know.



We are both very happy with our decision to go with the caesarean birth. We are grateful that we were able make well informed decisions along the way. Neither of us could imagine going through the experience without the knowledge we gained in our Healthy Birth Choices class.

As the "expectant father"  I found myself feeling unimportant and like having a baby was something my wife was doing, not like it was something we were doing together. The class allowed me to feel important and helpful and I now understand that I was an intricate part of the process. It was great to know how to be there for my wife when she really needed me

Being a first time Mom, I was petrified of labour. The class helped me understand how natural giving birth is and it gave me confidence in my body. In the end, after listening to so many horrible birth stories from moms that had labour happen to them, I was excited to put the things I had learned from class into action. I was taking control of my experience. I had a great labour and birth and I know that 100% I could not have done it without a knowledgable/supportive partner and this class. So thank you both!

Marty and I first took a natural birth course with you in the fall of 2006 in preparation for the birth of our daughter Sarah.  We followed that up with a refresher course in Aug. 2008 before the arrival of daughter #2, Rebekah.  On March 6 of 2011, we welcomed Jonah Ryder to the Scholten family (relying on your notes and handouts).  All 3 home water births.  All 3 wonderful experiences.  Jonah's birth was an exceptionally delightful and gentle experience and in talking with our friends about their medical birth experiences they were surprised to hear us use those descriptors for labour.  It got us thinking how thankful we were to have met you and all that you had to teach us about natural childbirth.  We wanted you to know that you are thought of fondly in the Scholten household and that you had a significant impact on the decisions we made to have natural childbirth experiences.  Thanks again for your passion and dedication to healthy, happy babes and mums.
The Scholten family

We found the whole class process, extremely helpful and you were very creative in the different methods of teaching. I especially appreciated all the little tidbits of advice (like the calendula essence and freezing the pads for post delivery relief, chucks pads and the list goes on). - Robyn

The classes HELPED in a huge way by showing and providing a way for me to better love and support my wife through this experience. And by getting me prepared to support and love my son! Being educated and having the foreknowledge of what we were going to go through helped me decide in advance where I stood on many issues so that I could focus on being there for Robyn and Samuel. - Jeremy
Robyn & Jeremy

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Healthy Birth Choices course PRICELESS


We can't imagine how we could have gone through our birth experience without the classes. We were prepared for everything that happened in labour and never had a moment of panic. It was an amazing labour, and the classes made us confident that we could do it at home, together (with the help of our fantastic midwives). Rhonda was not only a great instructor, but showed real personal concern for us. We would definitely take her classes again (and even drove an hour each way to take them the first time).
Ty and Ariel

I knew that I wanted to somehow be more involved than the stereotypical guy in the birthing and parenting of our child, but I wasn't at all sure of how I could do so without being a nuisance. I had also been rather disappointed by much of the literature that was directed at fathers-to-be-- it was too comical and not nearly informative enough for what I wanted. Thank goodness signed up for classes with Sue. This class was highly effective in educating me on how I could be genuinely supportive *and* truly useful on the birthday; the class also opened my eyes to a parenting philosophy where the father plays a highly active role. Thanks Sue!

From the entire experience the biggest thing that Nav and I learned is that every woman is unique; trust in your instinct. Our experience is a textbook example of how things don’t always go as expected. We want to thank you for providing us with the tools and support needed to get us through the birthing experience.
Suman & Nav

I think the biggest thing is that the classes gave me the confidence during pregnancy, labour, and delivery to know what was going on. Without the detailed knowledge I wouldnt have known a placenta from a perineum. In all seriousness, I liked the focus on knowing your options rather than just telling us what was the best think in all instances. So much of pregnancy and birth is dependent on so many factors. Having the information and trust in ourselves gave us the ability to make informed decisions across many areas. For instance, in deciding what food choice we were making during pregnancy we could balance the nutritional requirements against what would realistically work.

The knowledge we learned in class was priceless during labour. Rhonda, I dont know how I would have managed to help Tonya, had I not known what youd taught us. Thank you!

We could not have asked for a better experience and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be in your class, Rhonda. The course, literature, instruction and your support thoroughly prepared me for pregnancy and labour and has greatly helped me transition into the new role of fatherhood. Having an understanding of what Kimberly might experience in the whole process allowed me to better connect with her and support her through the journey. I dont feel I would have experienced as much had I not been involved through the process.
Murray & Kimberly

Class was AMAZING! You covered all we needed to know and more. You took care of every scenario possible, just in case something challenging arose. My friends are wishing they could do it all over again. They can't beleive how smoothly everything went for us. Thank you so much Rhonda. - Cara

The class was a huge help and a wealth of knowledge that I am not only using in Fatherhood, but also with my Chiropractic patients. The tools and techniques we were taught during our 12 weeks were invaluable during labour. It was like we both went into "auto pilot" and the information surfaced when we needed it. Awesome course and especially the instructor. I would recommend it to anyone expecting a baby.
Kevin & Cara

Words will never express how grateful I am to have found you and the difference your classes have made in our lives. The knowledge and empowerment you have given me to blieve in myself is what allowed me to have such an amazing birth experience with Kalan. I will never forget that. Your coure has opened up communication between Clem and I and brought us closer together. I gush about your course to all ladies I meet! I will forever be grateful tht you found this calling to become a childbirth teacher Sue. - Kathy

Your course, enthusiasm, and sincerety has really changed and shaped the way I look at births. You've truly made a difference in my life and allowed me and my wife to have the perfect birth we wanted. Thank you! - Clem
Kathy & Clem

The course gave us the knowledge and confidence we needed to sucessfully have a natural childbirth at home. We highly recommend that any couple who is expecting a child take these classes regardless of whether they choose to have a hospital or home birth. Any future fathers will be grateful to be able to actively assist their partner during labour and birthing mothers will appreciate the much needed support. Rhonda's expertise is invaluable for both labour and the days that follow.
Jen & Tyler

I always knew we could have the baby naturally but the course gave Monica the knowledge and confidence as well. The time spent in class helped me as a coach know how to support mom and I got a much better understanding of labour. It really brought us closer and it was nice time spent as a couple before the baby came; preparing us to be parents making decisions about another life that we were going to be responsible for.

Without a doubt, the mock labour classes helped us immensely. I was confident with Mark's abilities to coach me through labour since we practiced in class and at home. We were able to get our grievances out before hand (eg: Massage my leg, dont press too hard on my back, etc) during our practice sessions. The classes also gave me a sense of empowerment because every aspect of labour and delivery was discussed. I joked that her class was the Consumer Reports of baby classes.