October 28, 2012

Hi Sue, 

I've been trying to sit down and send you a note for a few months now. I just wanted to tell you that Doug and I had a beautiful baby boy on October 28th.  His name is Noah Franklin and he was born at 1:21 pm, weighing 7lbs 14 oz. We had a natural birth at Rockyview Hospital and it was such a positive experience.

I started having contractions on and off for 3 days leading up to labour.  We arrived at the hospital at 3AM on the 28th and were checked into a private room in triage.  I was hooked up to the monitor for about 20 mins and then they did an exam to see how far along I was.  Only 4 centimetres.  Because I was hoping to go drug free the nurse suggested not admitting me for as long as possible.  I walked the hospital, laboured in my room in triage, and then used the private shower there for about 3 hours. I was finally admitted to labour and delivery around 8AM at 6cm. Labour progressed slowly but I handled it really well. I decided to have my water broken at 8cm dilated (about 11AM), and was ready to push at 12 noon. I pushed using the squat bar for about and hour and 15 mins.

Over all the experience was amazing! I had the most wonderful nurses who were cheering me on and coaching me along side Doug. They even missed their lunch break to stay with me. Not once was I ever offered any kind of drugs. And after the first time I was never hooked up to any monitor again (they used the doppler between contractions). I somehow managed to stay calm through the entire experience. It was very, very painful!  When I was 10 cm, the nurses had written "fully delightful" next to my name on the board in the hall. One of my nurses told my mom that in her 20+ years of being a nurse she had never seen anyone so prepared and calm during labour.  

Unfortunately Noah took a breath too soon, and ended up in the NICU for 48 hrs.  He had swallowed some meconium (even though my water was clear), and had respiratory distress syndrome.  We were able take him home 2 days later and he is a healthy, thriving little guy! 

So, thank you very much for sharing all of your knowledge.  I know that it helped Doug and I both immensely.

I also did a few private sessions with Birth Psychologist Gemma Stone to prepare.  This included listening to a 30min hypnotic relaxation CD everyday for several weeks leading up to labour. I would recommend this for anyone who needs a little extra help trusting their body and the birthing process.  

One thing that really stuck with me from your class was about checking for tongue tie. It was on my mind right after Noah was born, and here I was asking the doctor if he was tongue tied before they had even gotten him weighed (not to mention he wasn't breathing as well as he should have been).  The doctor looked at me funny. I'm not sure if she ever checked. But I saw a lactation consultant in the hospital to help with stimulation pumping while Noah was in the NICU, and she checked.  My sister-in-law who is a NICU nurse checked, as well as my family doctor.  Noah had trouble gaining weight the first few weeks, and my nipples were so damaged I had to stop breastfeeding and pump again. Not until we went to see a specialist, did they discover that he had posterior tongue tie.  Very hard to detect.  As soon as his tongue was clipped, he began latching better, I began healing, and he started gaining weight. 

Thanks again Sue! 

Take care,