January 21, 2011
Birth Partnership Midwives - Sage Passage

Lee and I welcomed Noah on Friday January 21st at 12:01pm, almost two weeks early.

I woke up on Thursday at 1am, feeling a little wetness. I wondered if my water had broken, but ended up deciding that it was just sweat because it was so little. I woke up again at 5am, feeling more wetness. At this point I wondered again, but decided to just ignore it until my regularly scheduled appointment with the midwives at 1pm. At the clinic, we found that I had lost 3.5lbs in a week and decided to do a visual check. Apparently my water had broken somewhere near the top, which explained the very small amounts that were coming out. I was already 50% effaced and at 3cm. Baby's station was so low that she said she could see the head and hair already.

The rest of the day was spent resting and "putsing" around. I slept as much as possible, which wasn't too bad since I only had a low level backache. At 5am, contractions started at 11 minutes apart, and intense enough that I couldn't ignore them. An hour later, they were already at 6 minutes apart and getting more intense. At 9am, the midwives arrived and announced that I was at 8cm. By 10:45, after 4 hours and 35 minutes of active labor, I started pushing, alternating between the tub and squatting on the floor. At 12:01pm, Noah Riley was caught by his dad. He measured 18.5 inches and weighed 6lbs and 13oz on arrival.

It was pretty darn close to our ideal birth. The only thing that was off was that I only got about ten minutes of skin to skin bonding time with Noah before he was given to Lee and taken to the other room. I wasn't doing to well with blood loss - between that and the stitches, it was almost an hour and half before I was able to hold him again. The good news is that he latched on properly on the first try and nursed for over an hour straight.

Since then, he's been keeping us enthralled, exhausted, and generally completely emotional for the last two days.

Oz & Lee

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