September 2, 2012

Hi Sue, 

I've been meaning to write you for the past month and finally have the time to sit down and do it.  I just wanted to thank you for all the great information that gave us at your classes.  We felt completely prepared and I'm confident that is why we had such an amazing labor.  Our son Oakley was born on September 2nd at 10:23 pm.  My water broke in the shower at around 12:30 pm and because I was positive group B strep I had to go the hospital for antibiotics right away.  The nurse was pretty insistent on leaving me hooked up to an IV drip so that it was easier when she had to induce me (she obviously didn't know how determined I was not to let this happen).  My husband and I felt confident enough to ask to see the doctor and were able to express our desire to be mobile and try to get labor going ourselves. She agreed and as soon as the antibiotics were administered I was unhooked and we headed for the stairs.  I started to have contractions around 4 pm and was 4 cm at 6 pm (no induction!!!), at which point we did more stairs, squats and walking.  By 8 pm I was given a room and had dilated to 7 cm.  Things started getting tougher so we went into the shower which was really helpful.  The entire time I kept focusing on staying relaxed and breathing.  If I started tensing up Neal would remind that Sue said "don't squeeze your bum", which would make me laugh and relax.  Just before 10 pm I started pushing and before I knew it he was here.   He was 8 lbs and 20 inches, obviously not below the 10th percentile for size which is what we were told at several ultrasounds.  Apart from being so beautiful and healthy I was amazed at how alert and strong Oakley was (already trying to lift his head).   

Thank you again for your classes, they were informative and empowering.   Neal and I could not have imagined a better birth for our son.

Alicia and Neal