Oct 11, 2012
Birth Partnership Midwives

Hi all,

Just want to let you know that our little guy joined us on October 11 (10/11/12!) at 9:11 pm, weighing in at 7lbs 8oz and 20 inches long. His name is Alfred Jacques and we are so utterly in love.  Labour was definitely the most intense experience of my life.

Contractions started around 8pm on Wednesday evening and they were already 2 minutes apart about about 40 seconds long. No "peak", they went from 0-100 everytime. We laboured like this until about 2:30 am and we called our Doula to come over and over the phone our midwive recommended I get in the tub to space them apart. Contractions were then 4 min apart but every bit as intense. By around 10am our midwife came to check and I was only about 3-4cm, so she left and we laboured on.

Jane (midwife) came back around 1 and decided since I was overdue enough for them to be concerned about meconium, we all decided that she would break my water and that would determine if we would head to the birth center or hospital. No meconium! So off we went in the car. Contractions in the car were not fun.

Once we arrived I greatfully jumped in the giant tub and laboured on. Things were very intense and my cervix was moving very slowly. I stayed in the tub for about 4 hours then was instructed to get out and move. Jane gave me some homeopaths to help me dilate which worked awesome.

I pushed for 2.5 hours (!) and he finally joined us. I managed to do ok in the 26 hours but I did end up sucking back an entire tank of laughing gas. It got to the point where we were talking about having to possibly move it on to the hospital in order to get some relief. I had such an amazing support team, Luc was a superstar and didn't leave my side the entire time.

Your class gave us every single tool we could possibly need for this journey. I passed up a number of offers to induce because I was so "overdue", and had what I consider to be an awesome birth experience.

Hope everyone is doing amazing!

Love Kathryn, Luc and Alfred