May 29, 2013
Daddy Caught me!


I  was at 39 weeks and baby was due on a Saturday (June 1st). On the Tuesday before the EDD I told Mauricio I was feeling the baby drop, and very, very low. I thought to my self ''Baby is dropping, so we must be getting closer. They say that the first baby drops and might stay there for even a few weeks, so let's see for how long this will go.''. On that day we were working on the house and putting some new furniture together (!!) and busy trying to get everything ready before Saturday.

At 12am-ish we were done and I went to take a shower. Baby kept dropping and it started to get uncomfortable. I said: ''It's getting low and uncomfortable. Hubby tells me: you're tired because we worked so hard today. Come to bed and it will be better soon.''. To bed I went.

I then started to feel very tired, not tired, very tired, not tired, uncomfortable, and fine again... then I thought to myself that at this far along the discomfort coming and going could only mean one thing. And I was right, that was labor starting.

I quickly downloaded the app on my phone to keep track of what I still didn't believe to be labor, but it was perfectly regular. At 1:30am my contractions were coming every 6 or 7 minutes and lasting 30 seconds. I didn't wake Mauricio up at this point thinking there was a long ways to go. Wrong. At 3:00 I woke him up as contractions were already coming every 4 to 5 min and lasting 45 seconds. He asks: ''Should we call the midwife (Theresa Barnett and Nicola Strydom <3)?'' And I say "Yes, this is only getting faster''.


So Mauricio called and Theresa was on call that night. She wanted to talk to me, and on the phone the contractions slowed down a bit. I was supposed to call back in 40min to let her know how things were going. So 40min later contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes, lasting 45 seconds still, so she said she was on her way! I couldn't believe it, I was actually in labor and was going to hold our baby at any time! I was nervous, excited nervous. At that point contractions were getting more and more intense and breathing and relaxing was so helpful! Mauricio was really good helping me stay hydrated and focused, staying positive.

At around 4:30am Theresa arrived and checked if I had dilation. I had 5cm already, I was shocked, but kept thinking there was still a long way to go. 5cm more. Baby was happy, so was I. So we decided to wait another hour, check again, then from there maybe another hour and we should probably head to the hospital if things kept going as they were.

At 5:30am contractions were really really strong and she decided to check again. She says ''Okay, the plan has changed. We're leaving now, you're 8cm dilated. WHAT? Yes, we're leaving now. Omg!

We arrived at Rocky View at 6am and headed strait to the delivery room. No doctors, no nurses, just us. She checked on me a little later (from this point on I lost track of time completely). 10cm dilated, 100% effaced. I was very happy with the news but at the same time know pushing was ahead and that scared me a little. Then Theresa said magic words and made everything a little easier for me. She said: ''Just let it happen, you're not in control anymore''. This took a lot of pressure off my shoulders and I thought to myself that nature would do its thing, I just had to help a little and be supportive. Mauricio was wonderful, never left my side and encouraged me throughout.

The contractions, however, were still very short, not enough to push. At this point she gave me this homeopathy to help contractions last longer and make things more productive.

I'm not sure how long it took to push baby out, but it felt like not very long at all. Our Antonio was born on May 29th at 8:22am, 54cm, 8lb 1oz., sound and safe. And Mauricio caught him! Wow, I didn't expect him to be so brave! I was very proud of our family. And very thankful to our midwives and our birth educators that helped us getting there =)! Thank you so much Rhonda! We are so glad you cross our paths.

As to breastfeeding, baby latched on right away and things went well, it was a smooth transition for both of us. At almost 6 months Antonio is on breast milk only, never took a bottle.


With love,

Ana Luisa, Mauricio and Antonio