August 19, 2010
Briar Hill Midwives

Aaron and I would like to let you know our BIG NEWS.  Our beautiful baby boy was born on August 19th.  His name is Asher and he is perfect.  His name means "full of happiness" and he has certainly lived up to it in the five eventful days of us getting to know him.

As I let you know Sue, my blood pressure spiked at our 36 week visit with the midwives and we were at the Foothills in triage immediately.  I was sent home on "bed rest" and the blood pressure remained labile, but no other symptoms of pre-eclampsia emerged, despite two visits to triage, three blood works, and an ultrasound.  We ended up there with a thrid time on Wednesday evening, at the advice of the midwives.  After meeting with the OB (who was lovely), they decided it best for the baby and for me, that they "intervene".  We asked many good questions about options and with the support of Luba (our amazing midwife), the OB broke my water at midnight on Wednesday.  I was a bit of a superstar in labour (thanks to all of the Healthy Birth Choice tips! - sitting with those contractions girls is the best advice in the world) and in 7 hours - only 15 minutes of PUSHING - we were holding our son in our arms.   Given his speedy entry - there was significant tearing - but all has been healing nicely.  It was certainly not as I envisioned - I was hooked to monitors, so it limited my movement, and we didn't get to labour at home - but it was just perfect.  I never felt like asking for drugs was necessary - I kept thinking I just wanted to meet our baby!  Aaron was a fantastic coach and now we are just settling in at home.  Breast feeding has been a bit of a challenge, as has the multiple teary moments - but all in all it has been the most amazing experience of our lives.  I will send pictures once we get them sorted next week!!

Sue - thanks for inviting us into your home.  It was truly a gift to have you a part of our journey.

Thanks again
Jody, Aaron, and Asher

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