March 19, 2008
Briar Hill Midwives

I was almost two weeks over due and growing ever impatient with wanting the arrival of our first child.  Nursery was done, birth announcements were waiting to be printed, house was clean, extra food had been stored in the freezer,  all I had to do now was wait. On March 19, 2008 I woke up around 5pm with very mild contractions which had been a norm for almost 10 days off and on so I did not take notice. My husband Chris went to work as usual and I showered went downstairs and grabbed some breakfast.  I called my mom which is what I did every morning to start my day.  While I was talking with her she noticed that I was growing ever more impatient on the phone and starting to get a little quiet in between words. I couldn't seem to get comfortable between the tightening feeling I was having in my abdomen.  My mom advised me to call my husband. Could this really be it???  I called my husband around 7:30am to come home and started timing the what I now was starting to realize was true contractions.  two minutes apart and lasting 40 seconds....starting to get harder to concentrate.  My husband arrived home around 8am and called our midwives.

Two midwives showed up - Carol and and intern Jen around 9:30am by this time with every contraction I felt like I needed to be as close the floor as possible so on my knees seemed to be for eternity.  Once the rug burn on my knees got to bad to bear Carol took me up to a nice warm bath.  Now if anyone knows me I hate baths but man what a life saver.  It took the edge off and the floating feeling gave me the ability to rest through my contractions. I even was able to have lunch - a berry smoothie - mmm! I had to of course move around in and out of the tub to get things moving but the tub was my best friend and gave me hope every time I tried a different technique that didn't seem to give me comfort.  At about 2pm Carol broke my water and got me to walk up the stairs two stairs at a time during contractions - this worked but sucked so bad!!! I finally went into transition at the top of the stairs, vomited the berry smoothie all over the carpet and wall and wailed to get back in the tub.  To this day I refuse to have a berry smoothie. At around 4:30 I had to push unfortunately my cervix wasn't open enough and I had to lie on my side on the bed while Carol held my cervix opened while I pushed.  Now I have heard other woman say they liked the pushing phase I however HATED IT.  I will take contractions any day over pushing. What a nasty feeling like a never ended constipated bowel movement that seems to push on your anus but then pressure comes out your vagina of course except for the ever enlarging haemorrhoids that I am sure I could feel growing with every push.  After an hour and a half of pushing I felt the ring of fire - that really was nothing but a sharp pain that last 3 seconds and out popped my large (9lbs 2oz) loud amazing beautiful life changing blessing - our baby boy Ashton William was born at 5:52pm.  no stiches needed!! Yeah to hot compresses on the perineum.

The midwives gave my husband and I a moment to ourselves to pray over our little boy and then came in cleaned us up, my husband cut the umbilical cord after our request of delayed cord clamping, and then popped me and my son in our first bubble bath.  Afterwards my husband, my son and I propped our selves up in bed, the midwives left and we turned on American Idol at 8pm and relaxed with our new forever changed family.

Thank you Rhonda for your lasting impact on our family.