June 7, 2013

Austin George was born at 12:01am on June 7  weighing 7 lbs 3 oz! You know the beginning of our labour, started noticeable contractions at about 5am on the 6th but had been having cramping for a full day before then. I walked, I did laps around the house for hours, they were more comfortable when I was standing. We went to the hospital at around 2 in the afternoon when they were about 4 min apart and 45 seconds to the peak...and what I thought was painful (I was shortly proven wrong, that was not pain!) We got to the hospital and got checked, I was 3-4 cm dilated, things were getting much closer together and more difficult, we were told we would be in triage until there was a delivery room available. I got hooked up to the IV for the antibiotics and although they weren't happy about it they agreed to lock it after the first round.

They offered to check dilation once we were in the delivery room but we decided to just go at it for a while; things got quite a lot more intense from there and when the doctor came to check at around 8pm we were convinced we were getting close. Not the case, I was still only 4-5 cm and completely defeated. I just cried, couldn't stop it. The doctor said she was going to break my water and suggested an epidural to help me relax. We asked to wait and see what happened after my water broke and she agreed to an hour or two to see what happens. The nurse then said if I don't start progressing they were going to give me Pitocin; at that point I was so upset. I could barely handle my own contractions let alone chemically induced ones, I has pretty much decided that if they were going to put me on Pitocin I was taking the epidural, but I was so upset by the idea.... but I just couldn't do it anymore.

They broke my water at 8:20pm which was a huge relief...for a moment. Contractions started to go crazy almost immediately. Cory said I went into 'the zone'. At that point I was lying on my side, which was awful but I was so tired from walking and standing all day I couldn't do anything else. I was not getting breaks between contractions... the break was worse than some of the contractions I thought were painful before! Finally Cory had had enough and went to get the nurse, he asked if someone could please come check as I was having 20 min contractions... the nurse said, yeah, that's Pitocin! Cory told her I hadn't had any, that made her get our nurse pretty quickly! When they checked I was 8 cm! I'm not quite sure what time that was, around 10 I think. The contractions were so strong by then but it was too late for any drugs (thank goodness because I was at the point were I would have taken anything!) and we dilated to 10 cm by 11 and started pushing.

Both Cory and I had unrealistic expectations of that stage! I remember saying, after 6 or so pushes... two contractions, why isn't he coming out! Poor boy got stuck but the doctor was so great, she worked with Vaseline and stretched and worked until he fit but never once suggested intervention. Austin was born at 12:01am and Cory and I have been infatuated ever since.

He's been feeding since 30 minutes after he was born, all the nurses commented on how alert he is! We were discharged that same evening and Austin is thriving! He measured high for Jaundice at our home visit from the nurse (the next day). We had to bring him in for another test on day three, he tested high again, so back on day four with the highest levels ... but he was gaining hugely! we were feeding every two hours to try and flush it out but my milk didn't come in until day three. On the third visit he gained 98g from the day before! We had to do blood tests on the third visit because his levels were so high but they came back okay so we were saved from being admitted to the hospital. On our fourth visit his levels dropped substantially and we don't have to go back!!

Austin is doing so well now, albeit a touch gassy the last couple days. He's gaining weight, an ounce in each cheek I'm sure! He's sleeping well and eating better. We have been so successful with breastfeeding, I'm obviously a touch biased but he's got to be close to the most perfect baby ever!

Cory did so amazing as support; thank you so much for your guidance we could not have achieved our goals without you (and Rhonda with the breastfeeding).

Chelsea and Cory