January 4, 2012
C-section with Midwifery support

Hi Sue,

We just wanted to let you know that Avery Grace arrived Jan 4th, 2013 at 37 weeks. She weighed 5 lbs 11 ounces and 19 inches long. Today (Jan 20th) is my due date.

Our story:

We found out pretty early that Avery was breech, about 25 weeks. We weren't concerned because we knew there was plenty of time for her to change positions, especially since she still had room to move around. As the weeks went on we patiently waited for her to turn. By 35 weeks Avery had not moved at all so I found a Chiropractor who specialized in the Webster's technique, started seeing an acupuncturist and started moxabustion. At 37 weeks she still had not moved so our midwife booked me in for an ECV at Foothills. After 3 unsuccessful (and very painful) attempts to turn her we were told the chances of her turning were about as high as winning the lottery. The OB sat down with us to explain our options and made sure we were very informed of the risks of having a vaginal birth with his recommendation that we do a c-section. At that point I was pushing for a vaginal birth while Jeff was leaning towards the c-section but of course we had a few weeks before any decisions had to be made ...

The next day at 1:30 pm my water broke with no warning. I was still waiting for this "nesting" thing to kick in, I still had so much to get done before baby arrived! I phoned the midwife and she told me it was time to come into the hospital and informed me that I had tested positive for Group B Strep. Once we got to the hospital we were told that we were not able to leave even though labour had not started yet. I was at greater risk of infection because I tested positive and my water had broke so we had to make a decision asap. We decided that since we had waited 5 years for our little miracle to arrive that we should not put any extra risk to our baby if it was not necessary and that we would do the c-section. I asked if I could labour first before they took me in and this left the nurses and OB very confused ... why would I WANT to go into labour, it wouldn't change anything. My midwife fully supported my decision and agreed that labouring was good for my body so the birth hormones could start doing their job. 5 hours after my water broke I finally went into labour and my contractions started at 5 minutes apart and were getting stronger quickly! They took me in for the c-section and gave me a spinal. It wasn't long before I could hear tiny little lungs wailing, our daughter had arrived into the world! It wasn't the birth story I had envisioned but at that point it didn't matter, we were so overcome by emotion, it was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced!

Within the first hour Avery successfully latched on and breastfed for 45 minutes! The first week of breastfeeding certainly had its challenges, when my milk came in I had engorged breasts and by the end of the week I wasn't producing enough to get her through the day. I seriously started to question my decision to breastfeed but I remember you saying that most women give up after the first week and there was no way I was going to be one of them. By the start of week 2 my body had adjusted to her feeding needs and we are pros at it now, lol!

We wanted to thank you for educating us on childbirth even though it did not go as I had planned. I have been reassured that our next birth can be VBAC so I may still get to have my natural childbirth experience, I just have to wait a little longer now! What matters most is that we were educated, were able to ask knowledgeable questions and in the end we have a beautiful, healthy daughter. 

Thank you Sue for everything!

Jeff and Alison