July 26, 2009
Briar Hill Midwives


As promised, here's a picture of our precious little miralce from God "Brayden". Born at the Arbour Birthing Centre on Sunday, July 26, 2009 at 7:39 pm. Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz Length: 42 cm. A very healthy baby.

Brad and I were awake until 3:30 in the morning playing games with family. After only having four hours of sleep, I woke up to my water breaking at 7:30 am. I wasn't really sure if I was in labour at first because I didn't feel any pain or strong contractions. We had called our midwife and relayed to her what I was feeling and she recommended that we time the contractions. The midwife came to check on me at home and I was at 4 cm dialated. We then drove to the birthing centre. I found it very challenging just getting to the car in between contractions. As soon as we arrived I went straight in the tub and after two contractions I was already at 7 cms. I was very relaxed in between contractions, also to a point of sleep stage. Apparently, our baby was posterior so I ended up doing a pelvic rock in the middle of a contraction so that the baby would turn. Sure enough, it worked and our baby was in the right position.

At 9 1/2 cms I still had a bit of a lip on my cervix. By 5pm I was fully dialated and was starting to push. Two and a half hours of pushing later, out comes our son Brayden. It was such an amazing experience. From start to finish it was a total of twelve hours from the time my water broke till the time our baby was worn. During the whole time I felt very confident as to what step/stage we were at and what was going on. Mostly, I felt calm and at peace from the moment I woke up till the time we went home with our baby. People have told me in the past that once you're in labour that you won't remember a thing that you've learned in class but I completely disagree. The tools and resources that you have taught us during classes are like gold. Both Brad and I remembered everything that you had taught us (actually I remembered more during the labour than during our Jeopordy games...hahaha). It gave both of us more confidence to know that we were prepared for this special day and it also eleviated alot for fear too. Sue, we can't thank you enough for everything. You are such an amazing instructor, please know this. After Brayden was born, our midwife put him on my chest. His eyes were wide open just looking up at me and his neck and head were very strong. What an empowering experience. I would do it all over again. Oh yes, and by the way, Brad did get to use the "nipple stimulation" and it actually works.

Much love,

Jen and Brad

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