February 15, 2013
Foothills Hospital


My Daughter Charlotte was born yesterday. It was the most unreal experience of my life. Here is my letter to my daugher:

Your due date was March 1, 2013, but on February 15th at 11:20 pm your Mom's water broke. This was after a surprise baby shower, hosted by our friends from University. This event sped up your delivery time because once the water breaks they want the baby out within 24 hours. Thank goodness we had chosen to deliver you with midwives because once the water broke, all we had to do was call our midwives to update them. After a few questions and it was determined that everything was OK, your mom and I were instructed to go to bed and get the best night's sleep we could, and to call them in the morning for an update.

We woke up on the 16th without any signs of contractions. We called the midwife with our update and we were told to come in and take the special midwife potion to start contractions. Your Mommy took the potion (a cocktail of natural herbs) at 10:15am then we went to Sandy beach for a community workout hosted by Action Athletics. Your mommy watched daddy workout then we headed home had a great healthy lunch and mom took the second dose of midwife potion at 1:15 and had a 2 hour nap.

Your Mom woke up at 3pm to the start of contractions and we were off to the races. Daddy got his contraction timer app out and start timing the contractions. You were coming fast and skipped the first stage of labour and went straight to active labour, as mommy's contractions started at 2 to 3 mins apart. Once this begun we never looked back. Your mommy was a natural labourer and used her past singing training deep breathing to get her through each contraction with ease.

The Midwife and her student arrived at 5:30pm and checked mommy to find that she was 4 cm dilated. You were progressing very nicely. Your mommy handle the next few hours beautifully using the stairs, squats, and the shower to get her through each contraction as they got stronger and stronger. After 2 hours and 30mins of more active labour The midwife checked mommy again to find that she was already at 5 cm. At this time we were informed that we could either head to the hospital or wait a little longer and see how things progressed. I thought things were progressing well so I managed to convince your mommy that we should stay at home a little longer to make sure things continued to progress nicely.

Your mom was a rockstar at this point. She climbed the stairs and lunged into every contraction, then went into the shower until the hot water ran out. Once the hot water ran out you decide you had, had enough and wanted to come right out NOW. I could feel in the air that things had changed and I ran downstairs to tell the midwives that it was time to head to the hospital. They got on the phone to call the Rockyview to get the birthing room ready. Unfortunately Rockyview was already full and we had to get a birthing room at the Foothills which is only about 5 mins further away. When your mommy heard that we where going to the Foothills in the middle of a hard contraction she yelled, "I want to go to the Rockyview!" But all it took was for The midwife to say, " But I just gave your Health Care Number to the Foothills." And your Mommy said OK, that was all it took for your mom to get back in the zone and power through hard labour.

This part of labour was pretty interesting, we put your mommy in the back hatch of the Subaru Forester on our dog Rosko's bed on all fours. I hoped in the front to drive to follow the midwives to the hospital. Your mommy was in transition (the hardest part of labour) at this point as we drove the 10 minute drive to the hospital, and few times she yelled out, " CAN'T WE RUN THIS RED LIGHT?!!!" and "CAN YOU GO A LITTLE FASTER!!" but we got to the hospital in one piece. 

The midwives met us at the entrance to the hospital with a wheelchair for your mommy, I put your mom in the chair and They took our car to park it. We had just got into the lobby of the hospital when your Mom had another giant contraction. Your mother wasn't going to take this lying down. She got out of the chair in the middle of the hospital entrance and had a giant grunting contraction on all fours in front of everyone. She did this one more time before we managed to get into the elevator. In the elevator there was a woman that said, "I see you are having a baby…"

When we got to the birthing room your mommy had another huge contraction on the hospital floor before moving to the bed. You were coming so fast that the midwives were scrambling to get the room setup for you to be delivered. So it was up to me and your mom to finish off the transition stage of labour before your mommy could push you out. Your mom had a few more contractions before she said, " I am pushing!!!" It was great timing as that was when the second midwife showed up to aid with the delivery. The midwives were now ready to deliver and you were now ready to be pushed out. Your mommy started pushing kneeling in the hospital bed with her arms gripping the back of the bed. The midwives suggested that it might go faster if she turned around and put her legs up on the squat bar. It took some convincing but your mother turn around and found the perfect pushing position. Her legs were up on the squat bar and They gave your mom a sheet to pull on with each push. It wasn't long in this position before I could see your head. At this point I thought to myself this is REALLY happening, I am going to be a dad any minute now. I felt so proud of you and your mom and what a great job you both were doing.

The pushing kept going for about 40 minutes, all I could do was encourage your mom, give her water, and count up each push. Your mom needed each push to be timed so she could feel motivation and active. Then at 11:50 pm on February 16, 2013 you were welcomed into this world and placed on your glowing mommy's chest. Everyone in the room was so proud and happy to see you. I even got to cut your cord and look between your legs to see if you were a boy or girl. Once we saw you were a girl, your mom and I proudly proclaimed, " Welcome Ms. Charlotte!" You were a perfect little angel and your mommy and I couldn't stop staring at you, we knew our lives had changed for the best.

After about 2 hours of checking you out and checking mommy out we were ready to come home. You scored perfect on all your tests; the perfect little baby. Your mommy was doing excellent too. So we all got in the car for the first car ride as a family and headed home. We were home by 3am happy and excited for our new life. Thanks for coming to be our little girl Charlotte.