December 20, 2010

Well here goes with our story!!  Keep in mind our due date was December 16 and we did not find out what we were having.

Our last appointment with the OBGYN at High River hospital was on our due date, December 16, 2010.  Dennis could not make the appointment (work) so Sally and her mother went.  Walking in the doors of the hospital Sally felt a rush of water go down her legs, it was her water breaking!!  They took her in to check her out and found that only a small portion of her water had leaked and that she was still fine to continue on with the pregnancy.

On December 19 at around 9pm contractions started to come randomly ranging from 2.5 mins apart to 4 mins apart lasting approx 1 min to the peak.  These went on for about a few hours, however, Sally did not feel these were strong enough to warrant any action.  Regardless, no sleep was had this night.

December 20, 2010, Dennis went to work again as usual at 6am after Sally insisted he goes.   Sally booked an appointment with an accupuncturist Wendy Powell in Okotoks for 5pm that night.  Dennis really thought he should stay home and felt the baby was coming but Sally felt differently.  Dennis came home from work early so that he could make it to the dealership appointment at 4pm where they were picking up their car!!  From the dealership they went just down the road where Sally had her appointment for accupuncture.  The accupuncturist did great and left in tacks at certain pressure points to help induce labour and to make the labour faster.  Some were placed in energy points to provide more stamina.  At 6:45pm Sally was done and insisted she got to drive her new vehicle home.  They only made it up the road about 5 mins when her water broke completely.  She stopped the vehicle in traffic and jumped out as her water poured through her pants all over the asphalt.  Thankfully she felt it coming and it didn't get into the perforated leather seats!!  After watching the fluid pour out of Sally's pants they now tried to figure out how to get her back into the vehicle without getting it all over the seats.  Using the summer floor mats which were still wrapped in plastic and Sally's jacket to soak up any extra, they covered to seat and started heading to the hospital.  Due to Dennis being optimistic and packing everything they needed (even though he had to transfer it all from the old vehicle to the new one) they were prepared for this and were able to go straight to High River Hospital.  On the way there she had a few contractions but nothing significant.  They both texted and phoned family and friends as if nothing major was happening as they drove to the hospital.

When they reached the hospital they were checked to make sure it was her water that broke and then checked for dilation.  She was 0cm and 50% effaced.  After being admitted they were left to themselves due to the doctor and nurses being busy with another delivery.  (Dont let the screams and shreaks of another woman scare you guys!! sounded horrible as the sounds echoed the hallways).  After an hour or so contractions started so they decided to start the treatment for group b strep.  Due to allergies and resistances she was required to take a treatment that resulted in her being on an IV for nearly 2 hours.  They were only expecting to be on an IV for 20 mins but  stuff happens!! Sally being slightly discouraged took the IV with her to the shower where they got the medicine ball out and turned on the water.  They spent the next few hours in the shower having contractions with Dennis performing counter pressure for EVERY contraction before her 4 hour checkup (they said they would check her every 4 hours until she was in active labour).  Sally was breathing deeply and remaining calm.  At this point contractions were coming every 3 mins (give or take a bit) and lasting for about 1 min to peak.

The doctor came to check dilation and found that she hadn't reached the goal of 4cm, had only got to 3cm.  She said this was good work and for them to keep doing what we were doing.  Sally again was slightly disappointed that after 4 hours they had only got to 3cm and realized quickly that lying flat on your back to get checked while having contractions was far from pleasant.

After the checkup they headed back to the shower (now with no IV hooked up).  Something that should be mentioned here is that there is blood during all these contractions, this blood being called "bloody show".  Neither one of them were expecting this, however, came to find out that it is a good sign and happens as your cervix dilates.  Guys get used to this as you will have a front row seat for the next several hours.

After being in the shower for another hour contractions started to go back to back (camelback) with no rest for Sally in between.  These contractions ranged from 1 min to 1min 40 sec to peak.  Sally was a trooper and dealt with these for about an hour and a half.  It was nearing this time that Sally started moaning, slight grunting, and did not want any touching (no counter pressure or anything).  All she wanted was for water to be sprayed on her lower back.  She had a naturall instinct to sway/rock her hips which continued to the end of delivery.  After another 30 mins of camelback contractions Sally began to doubt herself and asked for an epidural (half yelled, half asked!).  Dennis tried to tell her she was transitioning but Sally really only believed she was at 5cm.   She thought this because at the last checkup (at the 4 hour mark) where she was only 3cm they set a goal of 7cm in 4 more hours and seeing that it had only been 2.5 to 3 hours she thought she was only 5cm.  She thought that if she was only 5cm there was no way to finish this with camelback contractions.  Dennis insisted she was transitioning and she insisted she wasn't.  The nurse agreed with Dennis and suggested that she only use the laughing gas and sally agreed.  Dennis was concerned and asked about the effects of laughing gas on the baby, it was explained that it wears off so fast that it doesn't ever enter the babies system. (this put Dennis a little more at rest, Sally didn't seem to care and just needed something) Don't let this fool you, the gas only takes a bit of the edge off but it seemed to be just enough for Sally to continue.  After about 15 more minutes they decided to check Sally's dilation and long behold, she was 9cm (keep in mind that to this point they had only been in the hospital for 7 hours).  Dennis started feeding Sally Emergen-C's during this time and never stopped until the baby was delivered (went through 2 packets). 

The doctor suggested they get family there immediately because pushing was going to start shortly.  The baby's head turned sideways and it took 1.5 hours of pelvic rocking and contractions to get it straighted out and to get the next 1cm.  During this 1.5 hours the nurses and Dennis started performing accupressure on her feet and shoulders.  (note to guys, Dennis had to push so hard that it hurt his thumbs and left dents in her feet for the rest of the time).  Accupressure was performed on every contraction.  This helped tremendously.  Sally was in the zone and all the coaching in the world couldn't get her to stop her left hand from pounding on the bed which eventually ripped her IV out and got blood everywhere.  Doctor Hart found it interesting that the pounding of her fist matched the babies last recorded heartbeat (with doppler now off).

Time to deliver a baby!! Family had arrived just in time.  Doctor Hard oiled up a rag to be used as a perrineal compress (they joked about sally's 1L bottle she brought). Sally began to relax a little at this time and was actually joking with the staff a little bit saying how cheap it was for the 1L container!  This didn't last long because she crowned so quickly.  For the first few pushes Sally tried a sitting up position in bed with her legs being held back.  She asked for a different position and they brought the bar for the bed to allow her to do a squatting position.  On the first push this way the head became visible for a split second.  Sally was doing 3, 10 second pushes with a very quick breath in between for every contraction which were now about every 2 minutes.  Sally even did 4 pushes for one contraction, what a showoff!!  This is really where a guy will start to see some blood and stuff but don't worry, Dennis absolutely hates the site of blood but was not bothered, instead found himself wandering more towards the doctor to get a better view  (I guess Dad has some natural instincts during this process too!!).  After 20 minutes of pushing a baby boy was delivered!!

Welcome to the world, 8lb, 10oz  Chase.  They immediately set the baby on Sally's stomach and waited for the cord to stop pulsing before clamping it off for Dennis to cut it.  They did most of the testing on Chase while he was on Sally's chest.  The baby spent the next 2 hours skin to skin with Sally.  Chase tried to crawl up sally's stomach but was stuck to her.  We moved him up towards the breast and within the first hour he was feeding.  They gave him the vitamin K while feeding and he barely flinched.

About 18 hours after delivery Dennis got very sick and was puking, etc... and was asked to leave the hospital.  Sally's stayed there by herself til it was time for a pickup.  Dennis put on the surgical mask and came and got them to come home about 30 hours after delivery.

We hope you all get the deliveries you are hoping and that all your babies are born healthy!!  Ours had some unexpected turns but at the end of the day we are very pleased with how it turned out.  We are very thankful for our great instructor and everyone commented and what a good team we were.  We couldn't have done it without this class.

Happy Holidays,
Sally and Dennis.
Highriver Hospital birth storyHighriver Hospital birth story

High River Hospital birth story