December 21, 2009
Rockyview Hospital Birth  
(almost emergency childbirth)


It was December 21st.....a cold and blizzarding night....

Ryan decided that we needed some more Christmas baking, and my back was sore, for no apparent reason, so I sat in a chair and helped him with the recipe, and we joked about me being in labour.  As anything that had been slightly out of the ordinary for the last two or three weeks was me in "labour"  (We were pretty excited)  No contractions yet...

As 8pm I went to the bathroom and had the bloody was not that exciting, really like spotting at the very beginning or end of your period.  I told Ryan that we were in labour officially and that it was going to be a long night, so I would finish up in the kitchen and he needed to go have a nap.  So Ryan listened to me and went off upstairs to "nap" I began to clean the kitchen.  Still no contractions.  I logged onto the internet and printed off the "stage 1 signs" from the healthy birthchoices website.  I called my Mom and Dad to let them know I was in labour around 8:20pm.  The contractions had started but were not very regular, and I couldn't figure out how to time them.  I couldn't figure out where they started, I could usually identify the peak of them.

My next order of business, was that I hadn't yet blown up my exercise ball, so I dug it out sat down and blew it up (by mouth!)  I was trying to read the signs of early labour on the sheet that I had printed so that I knew pretty much where I was, and I never having more than one symptom once or twice in a row, and I was all over the map for signs in different stages of labour! At this point I went and got Ryan, who wasn't really sleeping just trying to get some "rest" for the long night that we had ahead of us!

We tried timing contractions, we couldn't because I couldn't tell when they started, but I was able to identify the peaks....and they weren't all consistently strong, some were harder than others, which really confused me!  Some of them were really strong, but I was still walking and talking though most of them.  When I had a contraction, I found a "comfortable" position for me and breathed through it!

About 9:15 I went to the bathroom (every hour!) and my water broke!  Our Dr. had given us specific instructions that if my water broke I was to go to the hospital and get checked for infection, then most likely be sent home again! So Ryan started to load the car.  This was the hard part for me.  I had to poo! and I was sweating so hot!  my clothes came off.  I knew that having to poo was a sign that pushing was about to begin, but really I had only been in labour for about an hour.  I just had to go to the bathroom. (or so I thought!) So my clothes came off and went on and then came off again.  I was on the toilet, off the toilet.  Ryan was calling Sue (she didn't answer!)  By 9:40 we had gotten into the car, ready for the drive.

Did I mention the weather conditions?  Crap...

It usually takes us 18 min to get to the hospital, if the roads are average doing the speed limit.  The roads are now not average, and I am watching the speed-o-meter going only 50 on Deerfoot, and having very strong contractions.  We can now time them because I would grip Ryans arm while he was driving.  (every 3 min) The windows were rolled down because I was so hot (It was blizzarding outside) As we were coming off of Glenmore onto 14th, I was yelling "Don't Push" and Ryan was going oh no....we are almost there! I was yelling for him to drive faster he was trying to stay on the road!

We got to the hospital and parked in a fire lane, As soon as I stood up I knew the baby was coming fast! Ryan was trying to get the bags out of the trunk I yelled we didn't have time.  We walked into emergency and I had a contraction.  I hit the floor, there was no standing through these ones! Ryan and someone else picked me up and put me into a wheelchair and off the floor six! (As I was on the floor I was wondering if it was possible to give birth in pants!)

They wheeled me up to floor 6 and the nurses there politely asked if this was my first I said yes, and they asked Ryan to go to admissions.  I said he's not going anywhere.  They agreed to check me out first, and I started stripping down ASAP, another contraction, as I was lifted onto the bed the nurse yelled there was "no time for the birthing room this baby is coming now!" Then the activity began, there was about 10 people running around.  they couldn't find the Dr on the floor.  A resident was there (thanks goodness) Ryan pipes up, she has a latex allergy.  Everything in the room stopped, every pair of gloves came off, and new ones went on.  Someone said, we don't have time for a sterile birth.  Next thing I know people have my legs, and I am told I can push.  This I understood, and went really? they said yes, so I beared down, through one contraction, 3 pushes just like class. I was told to let up so I did.  I asked Ryan if he could see the the head, and he said "Christine, the head is out!" I went really? they said get ready to push again One more push and she was out! We had a girl! it was fantastic!

So that is the best part of a fast labour, we arrived at the hospital at 10:08 pm and she was born 10:12pm!  The next parts I feel pretty sad about which is what I imagine the other girls are feeling about all the preparation and education they got and then to have all the interventions. 

Right after she came out, I yelled "delay cord clamping"  our Dr. was on board for this but the resident wasn't as he had already clamped the cord, and was about to cut it...I yelled Ryan wants to cut the cord.  They took the baby from me, and I didn't get to hold her until she was over 10min old.  They needed to check her for shock.  I didn't get the breast crawl, they put the vitamins in her eyes right away and wiped her off so she was dry and relatively clean when I got her.  I delivered the placenta in triage, they then wheeled me to a birthing room, my Dr was there and she stitched me up for over 45 min.  Because I dilated to fast my tearing was pretty  bad, multiple 2nd degree tears, I asked the Dr about  how many stitches, and she couldn't tell me, I tore like a cheese wheel!  was how she described it!

As she was stitching me, I haemorrhaged, and lost a lot of blood.  They kept me in the hospital for an extra night because of it!  My recovery was a bit longer than expected because there was so much bruising and so many tears it is a bit slower and more painful than just one tear (or so I am told) Like they say, every birth is different.


Rockyview hospital natural birth story