October 5, 2012
Aurora Midwives

Hi Sue! Cole Brian has finally arrived and he's perfect! :-)
Thought I would share the highlights of our birth so that you can forward if you'd like.
Friday, October 5th at 2:30am my water broke... contractions started right away so we thought things were going to move pretty quickly and called everyone. Within 20 minutes, our midwife, family, and birth photographer all showed up and things were super exciting! I was hungry and grabed a snack. The midwife offered to check my dialation and I was 3cm. She did a sweep to keep things moving and I started walking the stairs 2 at a time.
at 5:30am my legs were jelly (I did stairs for 2 hours) and labor stalled. It was way too exciting with everyone being around. The midwife sent everyone home and sent me to bed. As soon as everyone was gone, and my husband was sleeping, my contractions started up again! I slept between contractions until 8am when Chase (my 2yr old) woke up. I got up, ate again and gave my little guy a snack. At this point we decided it best if Grandma left with Chase until labor was over. So now it was just Dennis and I home and we decided to go back to bed since that seemed to keep the contractions going. 2 hours later (at 10am) I was no longer comfortable in bed and need to move around. We got out the birth ball and placed in in the dry tub so that he could use the hand shower on my back - it was heaven! By noon, we were sure the baby was coming soon and decided it was best to get the midwives back. At first she wasn't sure it was time, but then I had a contraction that she heard in the background and agreed... it was for sure time to come!
Sara (our midwife) showed up at 12:30 and asked if she could check me. I was really excited to know how far along I was because I felt I was soooo close. Turns out I was 4cm! Great :-( I cried like a baby! I was so sure that it was time.... everything in me told me that baby was coming and I was beyond devastated. I said I couldn't do it anymore; I said that I was exhausted... and then I said I needed to push. Well obviously she said no! She said you can't push you're only 4cm! Well I fought this urge for 2 contractions and then too bad for anyone else, I was pushing!
I gave one push and felt a big "pop". (that's the only way I can think to describe it...) and then I felt baby drop in to my pelvis. Bad news for me considering I was sitting in an empty tub! So much for my peaceful waterbirth!!!
When Sara told me I had to get out of the tub I told her she was insane.... But leave it to my husband who grabbed me and carried me to the bed. I had another contraction on all 4's and with one push his head was out. Sara told me to pant through the next one because the cord was wrapped around his neck. As I did this I felt the room change (things felt tense). Sara told me to roll over to my back... once again I told her no way and I'm pretty sure she (or maybe Dennis, again) grabbed me and flipped me. She then said in a very stern voice that I needed to push with everything I had. Next contraction, Cole was born with the cord wrapped around his next 4 times. It was so tight she couldn't unhook it before I finished delivering him. She had to do a "sumersault" delivery but everything turned out great. Cole was 7lbs 11oz, born at 1:05 and is perfection!
Since the 2nd midwife didn't have time to arrive, Dennis (who wasn't sure he wanted to cut the cord for our first birth) ended up assisting in this one! It was great! And to top it off... not a single stich for me - I'm a birthing goddess :-P
Our birth was far from what I had "planned" but it was still everything we had hoped it would be.
Thanks so much Sue for re-installing the confidence in myself that I needed to get through this again.
I'm sending happy labor vibes out to everyone! Ladies - I promise you can do it... trust your bodies and remember that dialation is clearly not everything!!! 
Dennis, Sally, Chase and Cole! <3