February 10, 2011
Aurora Midwives


I am sitting beside Aynsley here in our family room. I have been anointed the scribe of her story as she is feeding our brand new baby boy!

Colt arrived Thrusday February 10th , 2011 at 2am! He weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces. We would have written sooner but the last few days have been a whirlwind of minor adjustments and grand parent visits!

However, before Aynsley tells her story, I will note hat we accomplished the paramount task of healthy baby and healthy mom. I will type as Aynsley tells you how we got there :

As I rolled over at 9am on Wednesday morning , I had the usual feeling of needing to pee. Quickly after that I had fear that my bladder had now betrayed me late in my 37th week of pregnancy. That fear quickly turned to the realization that this rush of liquid was actually the result of broken water.

I immediately called our midwife and she let me know she would drop by around noon. I quickly grabbed my purse and headed out on a quick last minute shopping tour. I was a little caught off guard as I wasn't due for 2 weeks. I hadn't quite finished my preparations.

When Alli (midwife) arrived she swabbed the fluid and confirmed my suspicion that indeed my water had broken. We were to expect our baby within 48hours.

As I had not started contractions it was reccomended that take a herbal cocktail that could potentially get my contractions started. Dylan arrived home about 3pm and we scooted off to the market to grab : Almond butter, Apricot juice, verbena extract and castor oil. I drank that concoct ion at about 4:30.

Whether it was the concotion or not I had my first mild contraction at just about 6pm exactly.

That is when Dylan and I decided we should get packed for the hospital.

By 730 I had reached the point where we got settled into the family room as things were progressing quite quickly. My coach tells me my contractions were between 45 and 60 seconds to the peak and only about 3 mins apart.

By 930 Coach Dylan thought we had arrived at the point that a little help was required and called Alli to get her thoughts.

Alli talked with me on the phone and siad she would be back to the house by just after 10.

She arrived and at 10:30 I had my first exam. I was 3cms but Alli felt we were going to progress quickly and decidied to stay while I laboured.

From 10:30 to midnight contractions were very intense. We changed postions as frequently as possible at midinght Alli annouced we would check me in about a half hour. The plan was to arrive at the hospital about 6cms.

When 1230 arrived Alli heard something that quickly swayed her to check me again.

The result was....fully dialiated!!!

Alli called the ambulance as we did not want to risk having the baby in the car. I was loaded up with Alli and Dylan followed us to Rocky View.

Arrived at 110 am to Rocky view and 50 mins of pushing later Dylan(who caught him) presented me with our baby boy!

Colt was born completely naturally as we palnned. It was an incredible experience!!!!

We were all back home resting by 5am that morning!

All is fantastic and we wanted to let you know found a tremendous amount of guidance, direction and confidence in all of our Healthy Birth Choices class knowledge. It had us prepared to have the birth we wanted!

We are proud glowing parents and wanted to share this story with you . Feel free to share it with the class. Here is a pic of the boy...

Thanks Again,

Aynsley, Dylan and Colt

Rockyview hospital birth with midwives