June 8, 2008

Quick snapshot of Dawson's beautiful birth:

My first contractions started at 11:00am (15min apart) Spent a nice quiet day relaxing, having a nap being with my family.

About 9:30pm contractions were about 6 min apart. Still doing great, not painful at all.

Had supper and went to bed around 11:30.

Woke up around 3:30am- had small leaking, contractions stronger. Tried to go back to sleep.

By 4:15 my contractions were 2 min apart.

At 4:30am my water broke and active labour was in full swing!

Had the shakers for a couple minutes, then was way too hot. Evened out within 10-15 min. Then just calmly went through labour. Stu and My mom were great coaches!

Had water, Power fruit shakes, and lots of support. Most of my labour was spent sitting backwards on the toilet.

Shianna arrived about 6:30 to check me. I was already 8 1/2 cm. I continued on in my labour smoothly.

At last check around 8ish I was fully dilated, with a lip of cervix. So I got to take a trip down the stairs around my kitchen and back up again. Worked like a charm!

Began pushing when I got upstairs. Joy arrived around 8:45. Within moments of her arrival I was crowning and she ushered me "quick like a bunny" to the tub.

Several pushes and some giggles later(Stu couldn't get his feet in the "Hot" water) Dawson was born! Healthy and alert. He was quiet and very calm. His arrival was at 9:14am.

We had low spa music on with beautiful soft candlelight filling the bathroom. Was the most amazing experience!

Home waterbirth with midwives