June 13, 2013


Dominic’s Birth Story

4:30am, Thursday, June 13, one week overdue, I woke up to gentle tightenings. I thought I was dreaming! Then 6 minutes later, there was another and another. At 6:30am Sean was getting up for work and I said “I think Dominic is coming today”, he said “Should I go to work?” Needless to say, he stayed home JI rested in bed as long as I could but by 8am I was too excited to stay in bed. Contractions were about 6 minutes apart lasting about 45sec to the peak. Right away we were consulting our Healthy Birth Choice binder, as to what we were doing next!

The morning stayed quiet, we took our dogs for a walk, tweeked the baby room a little, and made sure our pool was ready for the big show. We called our midwives at 8am to let them know things had started and that we weren’t going to need our non-stress test appointment later that morning, YAY! At 12pm, contractions were about 4 minutes apart and still lasting 45sec to the peak. Finally around 2pm contractions were about 2 minutes apart lasting about a minute. Getting a little more intense, we called our RM and said it’s getting more intense, and she said call me when you can’t talk through contractions. Sure enough within 30 minutes there was definitely no talking! Called our RM again and she said she was on her way. Now beings that it was a Thursday, traffic time, and she lives across the city, it took some time for her to arrive. I don’t remember a time I ever felt concerned but my poor husband and Mom had a different opinion! While we waited, I was doing my best to get some squats in and lots of hip rocking. During contractions I would brace myself against a wall while Sean did counter pressure. I have always been sensitive to even slight pressure on my back/hips, so I thought for sure I would not appreciate counter pressure, boy was I wrong! Just as I was feeling tuckered out and didn’t know how much longer my legs were going to hold me, our RM arrived!

5:30pm- After a quick inspection, I was 5-6cms dilated and ready to get in the pool! I have never felt such relief! Contractions felt like they were back to back, and getting into the tub gave me just enough of a break that I got a chance to regroup and get ready for the big show! At 6pm our midwives switched shifts, while I labored in the tub. Something I wasn’t prepared for was the tissuey looking blood that was coming with every contraction, I saw it floating in the tub and it surprised me! At 7pm I was checked again, I was 8cm, and as she was checking me my water broke… My water broke and I thought for sure there I was going to be able to float in it, there was so much water!! From the time it took for me to get off of my bed and back into the tub, my body was pushing. I was not fully effaced, there was a small piece that needed a bit more time. I was advised to get on my hands and knees and try my best not to push. Well there was no stopping my body from doing what it needed to do! With my next contraction, my RM helped push my cervix over his head, which feels as good as it sounds, luckily you forget that quickly. Pushing in the tub was tricky, I was squatting face out of the tub. Every time I tucked my chin in to push, I could smell blood, water, and plastic which made it very difficult to focus. I turned over and braced my legs across the pool, and tried that way, they said I was pushing into my legs?? So off to the toilet we went! After a few successful pushes there, Baby was in a better position and they wanted to check me again. Barely making it to my bed, I went looney!! I looked at my Mom, whom delivered 6 children naturally, and called her a crazy mother-you-know-what for doing this 6 times!! Haha! I wanted to be anywhere but lying down, but didn’t have the energy to move again. They suggested I try lying on my side which felt better. With my Mom on one leg and my second RM on the other we had a few more pushes. With every push I could feel him coming sooo close then going waaaayy back in. I anticipated this, but it was hard staying positive. My RM assured me that he was so close, I looked at her and said “but how many more pushes?” haha she replied with “As many as you’d like!” By now it had been over an hour of pushing and Dom was getting uncomfortable (they checked his heart rate during/after every contraction). My midwife said very seriously, “Ok Megan, you need to get baby out”, I knew it was time to give it every little bit of energy I had left. With the next push his head was out and the next push he arrived! 9:03pm Dominic Walter came out screaming his lungs out! He was placed immediately on my chest. He was absolute perfection.

Thank you Sue for all of your amazing advice in preparing for child birth. Leading up to the big day, I envisioned our perfect experience and I’d say we got it! Also, I love coming to open houses and catching up with other moms, so I feel a little less crazy! And the breastfeeding class was great, we are so fortunate it is going really well for us. Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!!


Megan, Sean and Dominic