March 11, 2012
Foothills Midwifery


Our birth story starts when we took a home pregnancy test and realize we would be pregnant with our first child.  I million things raced through our minds but one that stuck out was that we wanted to have an at home,water birth with midwives. We were blessed enough to be taken on by foothills midwifery. So our journey begins...

Pregnancy was not easy on me and the day my water broke was at 9:40 in the morning on March 11, 2012. Of course, at this very moment I panicked and decided "nope I'm not doing this!". After I got over the shock that our first child would be here, I calmed down, as I remember the prenatal class we took at healthy birth choices, told me to remain calm.

We called the midwives and Kathleen was the first midwife to come over to see how things were going. I had absolutely no contractions or any other signs of being in labor so she said she would go and get a certain herbal drink for me to take. I was instructed to take this drink at 1 o'clock and at 5 o'clock and this would help things to keep progressing.

Kathleen had tickets to a special event with her children in Calgary and asked if it would be okay if she still attended it at 3 o'clock as usually first-time moms take quite a while to have baby. She also informed me that the second midwife,Marie would have the pager if I needed anything before that, so of course I said yes.Calgary homebirth

I took my drink at 1 o'clock and then my husband and I decided to take the dogs for a walk. At 1:20 my very first contraction hit with a vengeance! My husband and I decided to turn around from the walk. We got home and I quickly changed into a pair of my husband's sweatpants as I was extremely uncomfortable.  My husband was doing a great job at encouraging me and telling me I was doing fantastic but at 3 o'clock I said to him you need to call Marie I need her here!  I also remember saying to my husband "I'm supposed to have breaks in between contractions and I'm not getting them...we learned this in our prenatal class so where are my breaks?!" lol

Maria arrived at our house at 3:20 and when she got here I immediately asked if I could get into the birthing pool. She responded with yes and that kind of made bells go off in my head as they had told me "don't get into the birthing pool too early as you need the effect to be the best it can be in hard labor." so I was curious as to if this was moving along quicker than normal.

Within five minutes of Marie being here she said she was going to call Sam a backup midwife as Kathleen was downtown once again another bell went off in my head why wouldn't Kathleen make it back in time if this was a normal first-time pregnancy. I got in the birthing pool and my husband was so supportive. He remembered to encourage me and this helped so much. Marie was there to hold my hand and help me through every little bit of contraction. The next thing I knew I could hear another voice speaking to me right beside my ear and telling me to just relax through each contraction and talking me through it. After about a half an hour I was able to turn my head and see that the backup midwife who I had never met was the one encouraging me.

I was able to find a place of relaxation in between each contraction.  Kathleen arrived at our home at 4:30 and came running in the door kicking off her shoes and jacket as she couldn't believe we were this far along in labor and did not want to miss anything.

With the help and encouragement of three amazing midwives and my husband our baby girl arrived at 5:05 PM. When her head was out, I didn't have the gumption to push the rest of her out so I had to wait for the next contraction. My husband said he could see her beautiful little face underwater just waiting for me to push the rest of her out  and with the next contraction, baby was out and the midwives pulled her out of the water and put her on my chest. She was crying and my husband and I were in heaven. She didn't cry for very long.

Then midwives moved us to the bed to check everybody out and immediately our baby girl started to breast-feed. We shortly after had some visitors and everyone could not believe how alert she was and that she figured out how to breast-feed all on her own.

On March 11, 2012 at 5:05 PM we had the perfect home water birth and welcome our baby girl Elizabetta Maria.

Thank you To Sue with healthy birth choices for all your advice and always being there for us. Thank you to foothills midwifery for absolutely everything