March 29, 2013

Adam and I are very excited to introduce Elliot Thomas, born on Friday March 29th at 8:37pm. He weighed 7lbs 2 oz. 

Our story began on Wednesday the 27th at our midwife appointment. I was 4 days overdue and after having 3 acupuncture appointments, and a couple membrane sweeps, it was still looking like it would be a few more days before labour might start. My blood pressure was beginning to creep up at this point, and my blood work associated with the blood pressure was also starting to change, so our midwife decided we better head over to the Foothills for a non-stress test and monitor my blood pressure for awhile. Turns out that night was the full moon, and Foothills labor and delivery unit was crazy busy! We did have our NST and the baby looked great. Our midwife consulted with the obstetrician on call, and they suggested induction at this point. After a conversation with our midwife, we asked if we could go home for the night and come back tomorrow instead. We figured one more goodnight sleep might do us good. I had also just drank an "induction cocktail" and contractions were slowly starting, so I had my fingers crossed that active labour would kick in soon!

We were scheduled to go back to the Foothills at 4:00pm the next day (Thursday). We arrived with our midwife and again checked my blood pressure and the baby.  All looked good, except now I was 5 days overdue. The obstetrician on call, suggested a balloon dilation followed by induction. Again, we had a conversation with our midwife, and after being checked and finding out that I was 2.5cm dilated, we learned that I was in fact too dilated for the balloon dilation, so the next step was to rupture my membranes and start Oxytocin. This conversation was happening at about 10 pm that night.  As such we asked if we could please have one more night at home and return the following morning after a good nights rest, to start the induction. The obstetrician agreed, so again we went home, with me drinking another dose of the midwives "induction cocktail" on the way home. That night I had lots of contractions but still not active labour!

Friday morning, we went to the Foothills for 10am. We knew that day was probably going to to be the day, and the next time we came home we would have our baby! We were put in a small room at the foothills, and our midwife once again consulted with the obstetrician on call, as my blood pressure was a little high again. They suggested rupturing my membranes and starting Oxytocin, as had been discussed the night earlier. Our midwife suggested that we ask to keep the membranes intact, as it would make the contractions more tolerable and most likely the baby and I would be much happier. The obstetrician agreed to just start the oxytocin!

I had my IV started and we were admitted to our L&D room. I was feeling very excited, even though things hadn't gone exactly as I hoped as I still wasn't in active labour, I was still really excited to meet this baby. I was also nervous as I know the Oxytocin contractions could come on strong and be hard to handle. I had one last membrane sweep at 12:00pm and it turned out I was 3 cm dilated when the Obstetrician checked me at the start of the induction.

Our midwife left for awhile, as she had to transfer my care over to the obstetrician due to the induction and blood pressure, but promised to be back in a supportive role for the delivery. And so labour started. At first, I was walking around and trying lots of different positions, Adam was so supportive and such a great coach. Soon, after contractions started to come closer together and were way more intense. Time is a bit of a blur at that point, I was struggling to get through contractions and I was just hoping that I was progressing. Adam phoned our midwife when he could see that I was having some intense contractions, she heard me in the background and said she would be right over! 

About the same time that she arrived, the Obstetrician came back in and decided to check me. It was now 7:00pm so I had been at it for about 7 hours. Just then, my water broke. This was the greatest moment ever when she said "you are fully dilated". I was in shock, I said "Really like 10cm dilated??" She said "Yes, you are about ready to push!" At this point she said things were going so well, that she was going to transfer my care back to the midwife so she could have the delivery! I was so happy! Our midwife called in her backup and I started to push. To be honest I thought I would give a few good pushes and out the baby would come. Turns out it was a lot more work! But an hour and a half later, we got to meet our baby Elliot! We didn't know the sex, so were were delighted to meet our son, and I was so relieved that it was all over!

After a few stitches to repair a tear, a hot shower and snack, we were moved over to post-partum for the night. Elliot latched on right away for a feed, and has been a great eater since then. All the Grandparents visited the next day, and we went home later that afternoon.

We did have one small hiccup afterwords, that first night at home we found Elliot was breathing a little too fast for our comfort. We ended up taking him to the Children's Hospital as I had also been Group B positive and was only able to get one dose of antibiotics prior to Elliot's birth. Elliot was admitted for just under 48 hours to be watched for infection.  It was a tough couple of days for Adam and I, but Elliot was doing well and with no signs of infection after our stay, we were on our way home again!

I have never been so happy to be at home. We had such a positive experience, and with our midwife and our knowledge from Healthy Birth Choices, were able to ask good questions and advocate for what we wanted!

We are so in love with Elliot and our adjusting to life with a newborn. We are definitely tired, but couldn't be happier!!

Can't wait to meet all of your babies soon!!

Take care,

Tara and Adam