January 4, 2004

Our baby was due January 2, 2004 and we were so excited having done our planning with Rhonda. January 2 came and went and we waited. The night of January 3rd we went to friends house for dinner and I started to feel sick. I ate dinner and as we sat playing cards I had to keep going outside to get fresh air (it was -29). We went home and I decided I should go to bed while my husband decided to stay up and cram for the birth. (after he called Rhonda and she told him that nausea can be the start of labour). I woke up at 11pm and called out that my contractions were 5 minutes apart regularly. My studious husband came and told me that was not how it worked - they they should start out anywhere from 15-20 minutes apart and not be regular. He thought I was bluffing. I then started throwing up in between contractions while my husband took the time to brush his teeth! He calls this my transition - as I started yelling at him for brushing his teeth! By this time the contractions were three minutes apart. We decided to go to Rockyview. Little did we know that they close the main exterior doors, so I was stuck outside in -29 (with windchill felt like -43) while poor Rob frantically ran around trying to get in. We checked in at 1:30 and were put in a birthing room. Our wonderful nurse came in and I promptly threw up all over her. She checked me out and I was already dilated to 6 1/2. I was most comfortable in the shower, so we spent the next few hours in there. Rob was amazing providing all the support and more that I needed. He helped me through every contraction and talked me through everything. (thank goodness he had minty breath!). By 6am they checked me again and I was ready to push. They called the doctor who strolled in at 6:30 and asked where we were in the process. And we showed her Emily - I pushed for 14 minutes and she came out screaming. The nurses were amazing and we were able to follow our birth plan almost to a T. Rob didn't get to cut the cord, and there was no doctor present and the nurses just did it. We thought he could do it for our next birth, but Abby was more determined to come out that her sister and she shot out with three pushes. Daddy was amazing in that case too, as were the nurses. Both our births were without doctors due to our girls being in a hurry to meet us, but thanks to Rhonda and my husband Rob, we were confident and ready going into our births and they were amazing. Too bad I can't do it again!