June 18, 2012

June 17th, 2012 was Father’s Day, my day to treat Scott. I cooked a lovely breakfast for him and later we went out for lunch with my Dad and Mom. It was still early in the day once lunch was done so Scott and I decided to catch a Father’s Day car show. By 2pm we headed home to finish up a few things we needed to get ready for the birth.  Our due date was the 18th and we thought we would be like most first births and go overdue at least a couple days - we had quite a few things still left to get ready!

Around 3pm I started to get very mild contractions, quite far apart (over 10 minutes).  I had a little nap while Scott was setting up the birth tub and getting the living room ready for the birth.  Over the past week there had been three separate evenings where I would have contractions after sex that would keep me awake at night, but in the morning they would be gone. These ones started on their own so I knew that this time it was the real thing.  We decided we didn’t want these contractions to fade away like the last few and decided to have sex to keep the labour progressing.  It definitely got things moving! The contractions got so much stronger and much closer together. Around 5:00pm Scott started to make dinner for us, the Father’s Day dinner I was going to make for him; steak and veggies.  My contractions at this point were quite strong, about four minutes apart, and I was having trouble concentrating on much else.  Dinner was ready but I had lost my appetite. I could only eat a couple of bites of the steak and a few veggies because every time a contraction came I felt like I was going to be sick.  Since I couldn’t eat I went upstairs to labour.  Labour was strong and consistent for the next four hours. Contractions were 3-6 minutes apart and up to two minutes long. I finally got sick around 10:30pm, a major relief! Now I wasn’t feeling like I was going to be sick every time a contraction came. 

Scott contacted the midwives as I had become noticeably more uncomfortable with each contraction.  The midwife wanted to listen to a contraction over the phone. She said that I was close and would come if I wanted her to though she thought it was a bit early and did not want me to feel like a watched pot.  I was good with Scott and she told us to contact her if my waters broke or if the contractions got more intense.  After I got off the phone I wanted to go have another shower (probably my fifth of the evening). Scott encouraged me to work through a few more contractions in my current position before heading to the shower; I did not want to wait! A few more contractions came and went and Scott helped me to the upstairs bathroom.  Another contraction was coming and I had to sit on the toilet before hopping into the shower. As soon as I sat down my water broke.  Once in the shower my contractions intensified! It felt as if I had no break between them anymore.  Scott called the midwife back (this was 10 minutes since the last call) and she could already hear me in the background. She was on her way.  I worked hard through all of my contractions as I was hoping for an intense labour over a long labour.

The birth tub was filled just over half way when we ran out of hot water from all my showers so I was going to have to get out soon to ensure we could fill up the rest of the tub.  It felt impossible to get out of the shower, the water felt amazing. It took a few more contractions before I was able to get out. The contractions were still continuous. Another came right when I got out, on the way down the stairs, and when we made it back to the living room. Scott was finally able to finish filling the tub.  After a few contractions in the living room I wanted to go sit on the toilet again.  Scott helped me to the main floor bathroom to get comfortable.  When the next contraction came I told Scott that it felt like I needed to push. ‘No you don’t, you have to get off of the toilet’ Scott said half jokingly.  We slowly made our way back into the living room, the whole time resisting the urge to push with each contraction.  5 more contractions like this and the midwife was at our home.  She thought I was really close and could probably hop into the tub; she just wanted to check me first.  I was already 10 cm’s! I could finally get into the tub and start pushing if I wanted to.  I immediately hopped into the water and started pushing.  It felt amazing. I pushed for about an hour with the encouragement of Scott and the midwives saying ‘no fear’ if they felt I was backing off.  The midwives kept stating how amazed they were at the progress since I was a first time mom. Scott was so supportive, getting me water, ice cold clothes and keeping me relaxed as much as possible. He got into the tub with me for the final pushes. We were going to have a baby any minute now! Scott caught and lifted the baby onto my chest.  We were so exhausted and excited we didn’t even know if we had a boy or girl for the first 20 minutes.  The midwife held him up and we were so excited that we had a little boy.   Eugene was born on 1:17am on his due date of June 18, 2012.  Scott joked that if I had only tried a bit harder we could have had him on Father’s Day.