January 1, 2011

Hi Sue,

Thank you again for the your help and for the great birthing class.  Felix was born on 1/1/11 at 4:25pm weighing in at 8lbs 3 ounces.  Originally I was supposed to be induced on the 30th, but after going for 2 more ultrasounds and 2 more doctor appointments we received the green light to push back the induction date until the 1st (but no further because he would have been 42 weeks on Jan 2).  I was told that I would get a phone call on the 1st when they had a bed ready and then we could go in.  Felix, apparently, had other plans and he started off labour contractions at 4:30am on the 1st.  So instead of waiting for the phone call we went into the Rockyview Hospital at around 8am.  The staff there, despite having a full house, were AMAZING.  We laboured in the prenatal triage for most of the day as they didn't have any birthing rooms available.  Around 2pm or so a room opened up and we were transferred into a different wing of the hospital for the final stages.  At 7cm dilated Felix's head was slightly tilted and so the contractions and the stress were causing him to be stuck and the doctors started having concerns about his fluctuating heart rate.  Thankfully with a bit of "cat and cow" position changes he managed to work his way down properly and the pushing was underway. At the very end they had to use the vacuum as his heart rate was really causing concern at that point and with one push he was born (or rather he was caught as he came flying out much to the doctor's surprise).  We managed to do it without pain medication or any other intervention.  I suffered 2nd degree tears and had to get stitches, as well I had a small haemorrhage.  Thankfully I only lost 1/2 litre of blood and didn't need a blood transfusion.  After being admitted in the hospital for 24 hours and having them run a whole gambit of tests on Felix, they found that he was a bit jaundice.  He wasn't jaundice enough for them to have to put him under the lights or give him anything but it meant that we had to stay in the hospital for another day.  That definitely turned out to be a blessing as the nurses were EXTREMELY helpful and it gave us a chance to rest and learn at a gentler pace.

Attached is a picture of his first few minutes of life.  I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Years and thank you again for giving us the tools and knowledge to birth our own way.

Much love,

Heather, Peter, and Felix

Rockyview hospital natural birth story