December 14, 2009


We are SO happy that Isi was born at a healthy 37 weeks on December 14, 2009. I stayed put for a long time and then our Doctors said at 37 weeks that we were in safe territory. We decided to head to go to Banff for the weekend and Pablo's parents watched our son Nate. On the Sunday I started getting contractions, not thinking that this was really it, but still thought we would head home in case, and well, it certainly was... smile. We truly didn't know it until late or should I say early that morning, but it was time. Isi wanted to come all natural I suppose, and that is what I truly wanted too. We had booked a c-section date for Dec 28, for some reason that felt right to me, but I didn't truly want it and felt that if baby came a little early that would be perfect and it was. The power of the mind!

I think on the way to the hospital I was pretty much ready to push, stuck in traffic with back labour I was pretty much losing it, and when we arrived at labour and delivery at the Rockyview they rushed us right through to check the baby and well, they didn't have much of a chance because they were trying to put on the fetal monitor and pop, CONTRACTION, and I felt like pushing... So they were like WAIT WAIT! And so they checked me really quick and I was at least 7 cms dilated... But,.. My sack of waters was SO bulging they couldn't get their second finger right in, so they were totally guessing on the 7cms... So, after that they rushed me to the labour room and the Doctor came in and checked me and said that I was doing beautifully. At this point I had had enough, I am pooped right out, my back is sore from Pablo pushing so hard, and I feel like this all was going to go on forever. However, the Doctors and nurses were like “No, you are doing good”. So I kept going and soon the Doctor checked me and said she couldn't really get in there and said I could almost be ready to push. She said she could break my water and get the ball rolling, so I said “Ok, anything to get this over with”. It was beautiful, but I was exhausted, so having the finish line closer sounded appealing. So she came at me with the crochet hook and pop, except not much fluid came out. The Doctor was stunned and so she checked me again and said that there was another bag of waters. I was like “What?!?” She said she had never seen this before. She attempted to break the second sac but could not. It was too strong, she said, so she decided to use the internal fetal monitor because it has a sharper edge. We said “go for it” and this time… whoosh, came the water! For some reason I didn't really remember that sensation with Nathan but this time, wow! It felt like the Grand Canyon.

So, after the water broke I didn't have much longer to go, however it felt like FOREVER! I even asked Pablo for drugs once, but he totally distracted me. What a good man! The nurses and Doctor kept encouraging me and I went on and then when the Doctor came in the next time, she said I was ready to push, WHAHOO!! Ok, with Nate I remember that this wasn't so bad, actually I felt a lot of relief. This time with Isi… OUCH! I couldn't get comfortable and it felt like I had this huge thing down at my back that I had to poop out! TOTALLY UNCOMFORTABLE! But, I suppose this wasn't supposed to be a spa experience! So, I totally forgot the cleansing breaths, and Pablo remembered, thank GOD! Even though at this point I was pretty tired of Pablo and really listening to the nurses who didn't think cleansing breaths were important, Man, the poor guy, but Pablo noticed that Isi's heartbeat kept going down a lot every time I pushed without those extra breaths, so he kept encouraging me to take them, and wow! They are powerful breaths! The amount of work that happened with those breaths was amazing. The nurses were praising me, the Doctor was smiling, my husband was supporting me to keep going. I was in shock... “Wow, I am actually allowed to push?” I am actually going to do this naturally!??! I was in SHOCK! I felt energized, brave and well, kind of ready to climb this mountain, run this marathon, push until I couldn't push anymore! So, I started pushing, like really pushing and here Isi came... The nurses peeked in and went wow! You are doing a great job! I felt proud, the Doctor popped in and said “Wow, keep going, I will come back in a bit.” And then the nurse went to the Doctor, “Um, I don't think there will be much for you to do if you leave and come back.” And, at that point, I was crowning. YES! Well, I guess I should say Isi was crowning, but YES! We were there! So, the Doctor came RUNNING back, scrambling to put on her gown and gloves and yelling at me to wait. “Huff, Huff” she said. I huffed and I huffed! And then I yelled “Are you ready yet?!?!” (Oh, so comical now!) The Doctor got there and asked me if I wanted to feel the baby's head? I was kind of grossed out and said No! But, then curiosity got the best of me and I was totally interested. So, the Doctor placed my hand on the baby's head, and I remember almost hyperventilating. OH MY GOD! Totally unbelievable! I don't think you can truly know what that feels like unless you are there! The Doctor said my expression was awesome! One the best she has ever seen! And then, one more push and baby arrived! I looked down, and there baby was slimy, wet, bloody and a GIRL! Me and Pablo had to double check with the Doctor to make sure it was a girl, because both of us were in such awe. How wonderful we had a girl to complete our beautiful family, and what a great story to tell her when she gets older!

Rockyview hospital birth story