July 12, 2011 (37 weeks, 1 day)
Aurora Midwives

I had an appointment with my midwife, Anne-Marie, at the clinic at 11:30am. Steve stayed home because our youngest wasn't feeling good so I went to the appointment alone. At the appointment we discussed the options if I went overdue and then she checked my BP, measured my fundus height and listened to baby's HR. Everything was great and I was feeling great. When I returned home at 1pm I got out of the van, felt a "weird" sensation below and then I thought I started to pee my pants right there on my driveway. I crossed my legs, flexed my keagles, and concentrated on stopping it but nothing was working. So I finally just stood there and thought "fine, I'll just pee on my driveway". It was running down the driveway and creating a little stream down the street. I stood there thinking how amazing it was that I had to pee that bad and that my bladder was that full. When it stopped I realized I didn't have the relief of peeing. It was then that it finally clued in that maybe my water had just broke. I yelled for Steve and he looked out the window of our bonus room. I said "I think my water just broke" and just stayed there on the driveway. He came outside and said he could "smell" that my water had broke. We went into the house and he helped me remove my clothes at the front door because they were soaked. My mucous plug was in my underwear and I was still leaking a bit. I went to the bathroom and Steve got me a cloth and a towel to clean up while he called our midwife, Viv, to let her know. She wanted to know if I was having contractions and I said I didn't think so. Steve came in and placed his hand on my belly and said that yes I was definitely having contractions but to me they just felt like cramps. I got cleaned up and started to phone the people who were going to come to the birth. Viv was on her way because I tested GBS positive and my mom was picking up the antibiotics for us on her way over. I had some cucumbers with ranch dip and then went upstairs. As I went up the stairs I did exagerated lunges to make Steve laugh. When I got to the top of the stairs I had a contraction so strong it made me throw up. (Cucumbers do not taste good coming back up so I switched to crackers and cheese). My lower back had started to hurt with the contractions so Steve would put pressure on it for me and then I would do pelvic tilts in between.

Viv arrived around 2:10pm, listened to baby's HR and everything sounded good. My contractions were 3 mins apart and 25-45 seconds to the peak. The plan was for Viv to administer my abx and then leave til I was further along. I had a contraction in the kitchen where I squated to work through it. My water leaked onto the floor which Steve later slipped on which had me laughing pretty hard. Viv started my abx at 2:30pm and while my abx were infusing my contractions became closer together and the occassional ones would last 60-70 secs to the peak, making me throw up. Viv told me it would still be a while as I was still joking and laughing between them so she didn't figure I was too far along. Once the abx were completed I went to the bathroom where I had 2 very strong contractions almost back to back. With the second one I felt the need to push. Viv told me not to and that once I was done in the bathroom she would check me before she left. When she checked me at 3:30pm I was 9cm dilated with just a small amount of cervix left on my right side. Everyone went into scramble mode, Steve went upstairs to run the water in the bath tub, my Mom and Aunt went outside to get Viv's supplies and Viv called a back up midwife as my other one was still in clinic. I started up the stairs and had my first contraction with pushing in the middle of the stairs at 3:40pm.

In the bathroom I was teasing everyone for their scrambling while I was waiting for the tub to be filled. I sat on the toilet and pushed with contractions there. Once the tub was filled I moved into it where I was on my knees, leaning over the side of the tub. I pushed in that position for a short time and then moved to "squatting" between Steve's knees to push. As the baby started to crown, Viv asked if I wanted to feel the baby's head. I said no because I was afraid if I moved he would pop back in. Steve said he felt I was losing my focus a bit so he took my hand and reached it down to feel the baby's head. After that he said I was back in focus and seemed even more determined. With the next push, the head was out and I remember looking down and seeing the back of the baby's head but I didn't really feel my vision was in focus. I didn't notice the cord was around the baby's neck but my midwife was down moving it. She told me not to push which I tried but eventually the baby was turning and shifting, making me feel like I needed to push. I told Viv that and she gave me the go ahead to "push slightly". I tried to "push slightly" but the baby shot out of me like a rocket. Viv flipped the cord off the neck, caught the baby and had it on my chest in one very swift movement!! And at 4:11pm, our son Jaxson was born. He was 7lbs 3oz, 20 inches long. It was the most amazing experience of my whole life!!! We chose to go without the oxytocin shot and my placenta came naturally 7 minutes afterwards.

In the end, because he was 3 weeks early, there was some concern with Jax's breathing and we ended up in the NICU for 3 days but we came home on Friday and he is doing fabulous!! He even went to the Stampede on Saturday and watched the Chucks up close and personal thanks to Michelle and Blaine. He is feeding well and so far breastfeeding is going smoothly. Everyday I thank God, my phenomenal husband and Sue for the strength and confidence I had/have in this whole experience.

For all of you that are waiting for your amazing moment, good luck, you can do it and it is so worth it in the end!!

And again, thank you Sue!!