May 22, 2012

Hi Sue!

Nav and I wanted to let you know about the arrival of our baby boy, Jayen at 7:49 pm on May 22nd! We also want to send you our full hearted thanks; because of your class we were able to have the confidence to have an amazing home birth. Below is our birth story; feel free to pass it onto the class. Also, I wasn’t able to make the last open house (Jayen was only 2 days old!) but I plan to attend on the 7th J

Our due date was on May 13th but as with most first time moms, our baby decided to come late. I was 8 days overdue and my labor began  at 2 pm on May 21st. Nav and I had experienced false labor twice previously, so we weren’t sure if this was going to be it, or another false alarm. We continued our day as per normal to keep my mind off the contractions – we went out for lunch, then went to Superstore to get groceries, and finally came home and started watching a movie. During our outing, my contractions were about 15 minutes apart and 30 seconds from start to finish.  After the movie, I wasn’t able to sleep and by 11 pm I felt that I was in full on labor! Nav and I called our Doula for support at 2 am and she arrived by 2:45 am. The contractions were now about 5 mins apart and 1 minute in length. We tried numerous labor positions over the next few hours to try to get the contractions closer together but nothing was working. In fact, by 5 am my contractions were getting farther apart but the length of each contraction was about 1 min and 15 seconds. At 6 am we called our Midwife and she advised that the contractions needed to be closer together in order to deliver the baby. She suggested that I take a Tylenol and Gravol and try to sleep.  The Gravol definitely sedated me and I was able to sleep from 6:30am to 9:30 am, only to awaken to an intensely painful 3 minute contraction!!!  After that alarming wakeup call, the contractions were coming every 10 minutes and were approx. 1 minute and 20 seconds long. Between noon and 2 pm the contractions were 8-10 minutes apart and 1.5-2 minutes in length. Nav and I were so confused at the pattern and length of my contractions and were not sure where to turn. I felt like giving up and Nav and I were exhausted. Nav decided to call you to get your opinion on the odd contractions I was having. As you know I was in unbelievable pain at that point and you were able to reassure Nav that this is probably just how my body is handling the labor and that we may be further along than we thought. Nav called our Midwife and asked her to come check on me even though my contractions were far apart. He felt that I was in transition as I was showing all of the signs that we learned in class. Our Midwife arrived at 2 pm and when she checked me, I was 9 cm dilated! I was so overjoyed that I was in tears!

We proceeded to set the room up for the birth and my Midwife and Doula got me in the tub to start pushing. Since my contractions were still about 8-10 mins apart, my Midwife tried to give me numerous herbal remedies to speed things up. Unfortunately, none of them were able to help much. Because each contraction was so far apart, I had to make the most of each one. My Midwife gave me a pep talk and told me that I needed to give this everything I got in order to get the baby out. Since the tub didn’t allow me to change positions, we moved to the bed after an hour and a half of pushing. After another 3 hours of exhausting pushing and changing positions, Jayen was finally born! It was the hardest, but the best thing I have ever done in my life. He was so alert when he was born!

From the entire experience the biggest thing that Nav and I learned is that every woman is unique; trust in your instinct. Our experience is a textbook example of how things don’t always go as expected. We want to thank you for providing us with the tools and support needed to get us through the birthing experience.

Now for the hard part….PARENTING!!!

-Suman & Nav