November 11, 2009

"On the evening before my offical due date, we were having a relaxing evening in, watching a movie. I started getting a backache during the movie, and just couldn't get comfortable. Jeremy rubbed my back and we had a feeling that this might be the early stages of labor. We even put a plastic sheet on our bed before we went to sleep! And sure enough, about an hour after we went to bed, my water broke. The contractions started shortly afterwards (1am). They weren't too bad yet, and I just lay on my side and tried to relax.

By 7AM they were more intense and were 3 minutes apart. Jeremy called the midwife, and she came over at 9AM. Again, we were doing great and I was able to get through them with the support of Jeremy and my mother, using the relaxing techniques we learned in class. The midwife examined me for the first time at 1PM and I was 6 cm dilated! We were hoping to have our baby at home, and so far things were going really well. At 4PM, she examined me again and I was almost fully dilated but had a lip of cervix. This was where things got more challenging! We tried different positions, but this wasn't helping. The midwife had to manually remove the lip of cervix (not fun at all!). Since I still didn't feel the need to push, I had a bath to try to relax. About a half hour later, we started pushing. This is where I first felt that something wasn't right. I was pushing because they were telling me to, and not because I had the uncontrollable urge to push that had been described to me. The midwife quickly realized that our baby was occiput transverse (facing my hip). We tried everything to get that baby to turn, including lunges, squats, stairs, pushing in various positions, and finally, pushing while the midwives tried to turn the baby. Nothing was working, and after three hours of pushing, I was exhausted and had reached my limit. Our hopes for a homebirth were quickly vanishing! We had to transfer to the hospital. We drove ourselves, and I walked to my room (but I did take the elevator!) After two hours of waiting, I was given an epidural and was examined by the OB-GYN. It was assessed that the safest way for the baby to be born at this point was c-section. We felt defeated and discouraged, but in the end, we knew we had given it our best shot, and that was just the way our baby was meant to be born. Everything went really well, and we were thrilled to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy!!! Jonah was born on November 11th, 2009 and weighed 7lbs, 13oz! "

Calgary home birth story with midwives