June 14, 2010

Hi Rhonda

I just thought I would share with you that Kaden was born June 14 at 1:19am weighing 6lbs 15oz 19.5 inches.

I was induced due to high blood pressure. I had my cervix rimmed by my doctor on the 11th and it started labor. I labored at home all weekend until Sun when they admitted me and broke my water. Things took off from there. My water was broke at 6:40pm and I labored in the shower on the birthing ball. Sadly I couldn't relax enough and my blood pressure was getting dangerously high and it was stalling my labor so I had to have an epidural. I tried the laughing gas first but it did nothing for me. They started my oxytocin drip at 8pm and by 12:30am I was ready to push. I did have a great vaginal delivery even though I tried to give up pushing when he was crowning haha. My body just took over though and he came out no problem. I had some minor tearing but nothing to bad. Anyway I wanted to thank you for all the great info in class because it really helped! Rob was amazing support for me and did his job well.

Anyway the best part now... the pics!


Calgary hospital birth story