April 10, 2011
Briar Hill Midwives

Hey Rhonda,

I'm sitting here in a hospital room at the PLC watching my little one enjoy her first fake n'bake..... So looks like I ended up in hospital anyway:) Other than the jaundice, things have been going really well. I will fill you in on our birth experience, and I hope you don't mind forwarding this onto the rest of the group.

My labour started at 2 am on Friday night, contractions every 10-15 min, but with enough intensity that I couldn't get any sleep, and continued through out the day Sat, waxing and waning but quite uncomfortable (I count this all as labour, although they only "count" the active stuff, so in the end I got credit for about 6 hours of active labour, when in reality it was over 30 hours). By the time I was on my second night of no sleep, laboring at home the best I could, I was thinking, are you kidding me - this is going to get worse, and THEN I still have to push out a baby! I was already exhausted!

Thankfully my midwife delivered the good news on Sun morning when she came to check me at home that I was fully effaced, station +1, and 6 cm dilated (she could stretch me to 7). So off we went to the birth centre, via a very uncomfortable car ride. At the birth centre, I labored through most of hard labour and early transition in the tub, which was marvelous (I was tired of moving around after 30 hours... Scott actually put together a circuit for me at home so we could get things moving).

Then it was onto the bed, where I had only a lip of cervix on the right. So I laboured through the last of transition on my right side, until I reached a point where I couldn't even take a breath without huffing out a push or two, and Penny knew it was time. I tried to get up to pee before I pushed, but got caught in a contraction on the toilet that was so powerful I almost lost it and panicked, the urge to push was like nothing I ever experienced. I managed to make it back to the bed, sitting between Scott's legs and resting my back against him, and just went to town pushing. The power of those contractions and urge was so overwhelming, I had my baby out in 20 minutes. Poor Penny, her backup hadn't even arrived, there was no time for oil or hot compresses, it was just gametime.

And so after a few contractions of burning ring of fire (aptly named), my little Kennedy Rosalie Rand was born weighing in at 6 pounds 11 oz. We were home enjoying our new family 3 hours later. It was beautiful.

The first few days have been a whirlwind, the most taxing of which has been learning how to breastfeed (I can't believe people tell you it shouldn't hurt... My poor nipples have never been through so much). But it is coming together, and despite this little hiccup of the elevated bili, we are just going to continue plugging away as I room in here with my little girl.

Your advice has been invaluable, especially during all those hours I labored at home. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you do.

Yael, Scott & Kennedy

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