Late November Baby 2011

Hi Sue,

I can't believe it took me so long to write to you. I know you see alot of people in your course. I came with hesitation being single and brought my friend Jen to your course in the fall. Well I had my baby at the end of November and I had a boy. Kyas Reid Smylie. He is an absolute joy and the best part of my life.

I wanted to thank you for what you taught me at your healthy birth choices class's. I was able to have Kyas completely natural at home just as I planned.  Well not exactly has I planned.  I was planning a birth at the birth center but my labour came on fast and strong and by the time the midwives arrived to check me I was 9 1/2 cm dilated and wanting to push so there was no transferring me at that point unless it was by ambulance.  When I say I had a home birth it was at my lovely birth partner Jen's home.  That is where we were for my early labour.  A couple days before we went and bought stuff to make a cake and that was our plan to distract me during early labour.  We were going to make a birthday cake and ice it pink or blue when baby was born and we new what he was.  So there I was a Jen's house and there was no way I was baking a cake.  No need to distract myself.  My water broke in the night and by the time I got there in the morning I was in full on labour.  So when the midwives gave us our options as to stay there or call 911 Jen got down on her hands and knees to my level and told me we were staying there.  She new how badly I wanted the experience and what a gift she gave me.  I am so forever grateful you have no idea.  Within minutes the house because a delivery room.  It's wild and funny to think my baby was born in my best friends bed!!! We talk about it all the time.  We were close before but we are bonded for life now.

It was by far the best thing I've ever done and like you I LOVE giving birth! I would do it again in a heart beat. It was truly an amazing experience. I laboured pretty well. Dilated pretty quickly.  From zero to 10 in about 4 hours.  Contractions didn't sneak up on me and I needed to walk around alot and changed positions a million times. I was alot more vocal, primal and naked (haha) then I thought i'd be. I chanted oooooopen ooooopen during each contraction. Lots of swaying and rocking and kept my eyes closed the entire time but everyone who was there had their hands on me and when they took them off I would ask for them back. Jen was amazing and didn't leave my side for a minute. She held, stroked and spoke to me the entire time.  I had Jen, my amazing doula, my mom who is my best friend and my midwives with me. It was all woman and all beautiful.  They were all so supportive and wonderful.   Between hard pushing I would rest easily and I always had my eyes closed.  One time I opened them and everyone in the room had their eyes closed.  It is one of my favourite memories.   They all followed my lead and respected what I needed.  I needed quiet during that time and to focus inwards and I felt as if they were all doing it along with me and respecting the space.

homebirth with midwivesThe midwives just followed me around wherever and however I needed to be. At one point when I was pushing I was squatting holding onto the bed rail at the end of the bed facing the bed and my midwives were under the bed as that was the only way they could see what was happening if they needed to catch the baby. They had their feet dangling out the side. Haha what a circus.   I really wanted to have him born in water but it just wasn't working for me.  I needed to move around to much and change positions over and over.  So that plan went out the window but I am happy I followed what my body needed.  It needed movement!! I was in the water at one point trying to convince myself that was what I wanted and finally just got out and felt so much better when I did.  Once I got moving and swaying again I never thought about the water again.

After a fast first part of labour Kyas got pretty stuck.  He was sunny side up and it took a couple hours to turn him and I ended up in the pushing faze for 3.5hrs. Yikes!! It was hard work but I never felt like I couldn't get through it. I had total faith and trust in my body and I would either sleep between contractions or talk out loud to the baby. Asking him to move a little further down with the next push. Finally I felt the burn and reached down to feel him crown and born into my arms at 4:01on a Monday afternoon. Everyone cried and I laughed at the pure joy and elation I felt to hold him for th first time. I have never in my life felt so alive!!  I still think back on the day and feel exhilarated.  A few seconds after he was born I looked out the window and the sky was full of flock of birds flying by.  On the day he was born the world was alive and waiting to welcome him.  Once I was cleaned up a little (no tearing or stitching though)  my sister, father  another best girl friend, and Jen's husband Henry arrived and with them and the rest of my birth team we spent the entire rest of the day in Jen's king size bed eating sushi a toast of champagne and all of us admiring the new little man in our life.   It was by far the best day of my life and my biggest accomplishment to date.   I loved being pregnant but I loved loved loved giving birth!! I want to do it again.

Kyas is three and a half months old already and I have never been so in love. We are doing better then great. He is my heart outside my body.

I have attached  a few photos from birth the day he was born and a few more recent.  He is a big boy.  A whopping 17 pounds already.  I got whip cream coming out of me.

I hope all is well with you.   Healthy birth choices was one of the best things to find me during pregnancy for so many reasons.  I will recommend it to everyone.

Thank you.

Jen and Kyas