May 24, 2011
Birth Partnership Midwives

Hi Sue,

We have another birth story to submit and send out to the class!  Laszlo was born May 24 at home.  8 lb 4 oz, 52 cm long.

I had a bit of a crampy feeling in the morning and a bit of show. I didn't really feel a gush but I was leaking so I put on a pad and went out for my morning appointments. I had a chiropractor adjustment around 9 am and then went in for my regular midwife appointment at 10 am where she confirmed my water had broke and gave me the verbena/castor oil mix to take at home. I picked up some juice and a birthing ball on the way home and took the mixture at noon. I had diarrhea and some good contractions starting just after 1pm. Lasz got here around 2:30 pm and started setting up, I hadn't been able to do much more than sweep the floor but I had everything ready in bags and we had blown up the kiddie pool already. My main midwife arrived around 3pm and I was on my feet but having pretty frequent contractions when she got in. I spent most of my contractions on or the toilet and didn't even touch the ball I bought.

By the time the midwife had unpacked and got me on the couch to check me I was already 8 cm dilated and still needed my antibiotics. I was GBS + with a penicillin allergy so they set me up with a clindamycin IV. Unfortunately, I had some strange reaction to the IV, it was really burning my hand and turning a patchy white so the midwife took it out and I only got about half the dose. It didn't really matter though as labour went so fast.

I really felt Iike pushing on the couch with the IV but tried my best to breath through it, I must have been transitioning at that point. Once the IV was out, my midwife said I could get in the pool and start pushing. It was so nice and relaxing to step in to the water and I felt more aware. A second midwife arrived as I got in the pool and a third a little later on. I pushed in the pool for about 30 minutes. Once I started pushing with my breath held and not making so much noise I felt like it worked better. Crowning burned quite a bit but when I felt the fuzzy little head and knew it was so close. I couldn't believe it when this big boy slipped out. He was much bigger than I thought he would be!  Baby Laszlo was born at 4:45pm and the placenta was delivered 10 minutes or so later. They let the cord pulse for quite a while and I cut it. Lasz was filming, taking photos and phoning family.

I tore in a couple places and had to get stitched up after. Breastfeeding was a bit of work for both of us but we did get it eventually. Overall it was surprisingly fast and uncomplicated and a really really amazing experience. I'm so blessed to have had such a great team of midwives and my supportive husband around. My parents and sister came by after to help get things sorted out, bring us dinner, and meet the baby.

I had the placenta picked up today for encapsulation. We are all doing very well hanging out together and figuring out how to take care of a little baby.

Thanks so much Sue!  I don't think any of this would have happened this way without the preparation we received. Especially for Lasz, he was the most amazing birth coach giving me counter pressure during contractions, padding the floor and filling the pool, fetching the hot towels from the dryer, giving me water, wiping my forehead encouraging me and cracking jokes to the midwives.  He came a long way from expecting to be standing outside the delivery room waiting for the news.  He was even teaching my mom how to swaddle the baby the first night :)

Anyhow I want to thank-you so so much for the great info and empowerment you gave us in class.

Keep up the good work!


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