August 23, 2009
Aurora Midwives

Of course it always happens at the most inconvenient time...

We were at a wedding in Banff on Saturday night when Breanne noticed that she was bleeding a little bit. She called the midwife who immediately asked if she was experiencing rhythmic contractions but Breanne didn't think so. She had been having mild contractions for the last two weeks and didn't think these were any different, but just for fun we decided to time them to see if there was a pattern.

Yup...6 minutes apart...

Since Breanne was feeling alright and there didn't seem to be a sense of urgency we decided to stay at the reception for a couple more hours and then headed back to Calgary, getting home around 12:30am. By this time the contractions were closer to 4 minutes apart and Breanne was starting to have difficulty talking through them, so we called the midwife and she arrived about 1:30am. Breanne was only dialated 3cm so she recommended that we all try to get some sleep (good luck). At around 5:30am Breanne moved into the bathtub...we were both so tired that she slept in the tub between contractions and I slept on the bathroom floor.

The second midwife came around 7:30am and checked Breanne again but she was only dialated 5cm so Breanne got out of the tub and walked around the bedroom. However, after a few more contractions Breanne started to have the urge to push. I can't imagine what it must have been like to want to push but being told to hold because she wasn't dialated enough. She was crying because she wanted to push so bad but wasn't allowed. We tried our best to help her breath through them but it was obviously becoming really hard and painful, so just after 8am the midwives checked again and sure enough she was at 10cm. 5 to 10cm in half an hour!!

Breanne got back into the bathtub and just under an hour later we had our son. It only took her three contractions from crown to birth.

I am very proud of Breanne, I can't believe how well she handled the labour even though I know she was in a lot of pain. And Levi is absolutely adorable.

-Brian and Breanne