November 2, 2009
2nd baby
Birth Partnership Midwives

We gave birth to baby Lilyan on Nov. 2nd, 2009. She was a whopping 9lbs 12oz, 21.5”!! None of us could believe her size!

Another successful home birth! It was an interesting day. That morning I had planned on taking the Verbena smoothie my midwives had recommended (I was two days late) & then in the morning I was brushing my teeth & my water broke! I waited all day for labour to start, & being GBS positive I started to get nervous. I took the Verbena twice that day to try & get things going to no avail. I met my midwife at the Foothills that evening to check out what was going on & was mortified to find out my water had NOT broke but that I probably had just peed myself a bit (the baby probably kicked my bladder, my midwive reassured me) – I had called everyone I know to tell them my water broke that morning so was so embarrassed that I had to tell them I really just peed myself! I got home around 7pm & ironically enough – labour started! It was a much different experience as my water stayed intact the whole time. I really enjoyed my labour & felt very empowered & strong & focused throughout the process. I actually enjoyed the nature sounds CD & my hypnosis CD & the candles… Robin, my mom, & my midwives all kept saying how strong I was & how well I was doing. Around midnight my midwife recommened for the 3rd or 4th time to break my water & get things going (I was about 9cms at the time). I was terrified because I knew how painful & crazy my labour was with Ava when my water had broke from the start. I eventually caved cause I was getting tired & boy did that intensify things! That last hour was the most painful & intense experience of my life, probably because it was such a contrast from before she had broke my water. Robin figures I probably only endured 10 or so transition contractions before I started pushing. It was so intense & I wanted it to be over with so much that I was sitting on the toilet & started pushing even though I didn’t have the urge because I just wanted to be on to second stage so bad. My midwife helped to push the last bit of cervix out of the way & when she did I started throwing up (like four times) - & nearly threw up on her (she ducked pretty fast!). The next contraction I was in second stage though. That was also very intense & so fast. I only pushed for 13 minutes this time & that first pushing contraction was the most vivid memory of the whole labour because I felt her move down so far & so fast with that one push – the sensation was unreal. I managed to deliver her in the water/tub this time & had no tears/stitches!

Nursing has been a huge struggle this time around (again). First was the latching issues, I was bleeding & cracked. When Lilyan was 6 days old a severe mastitis hit in both breasts. My midwife put me on antibiotics because it hit so fast & by day 2 I saw my dr & he told me to double the antibiotics & give it 24 hrs & if it wasn’t markedly better I’d be back on IV antibiotics. Thankfully the oral antibiotic worked & I started to get better. However, when Lilyan was 10 days old I went to the lactation consultant as she was really sleepy & wasn’t waking up to feed & found out she was down 10.5oz & the dr said she was “calorie depleted & shutting down” – likely because of the mastitis & her not being a very mature breastfeeder. It was one of the worst days. I cried so much. I had to start pumping & she wanted me supplementing with formula but I had more than enough milk when I pumped so we syringe fed her with that after she nursed cause she wouldn’t take the bottle. Long story short she’s now 3 weeks old & had gained a pound since all that weight loss - she’s 10lbs 1oz now. Finally I’m being told I can go to strict demand feed & let her & me fall into a normal nursing routine (I was setting my alarm every 3 hrs at night & using a cold cloth to wake her). Hopefully we’re past the worst of it now.

Hope all is well with you. Please see the newborn pics (attached). Hope to see you again soon!

Love, Dawn xo

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