June 24, 2011
Cesarean Section

I was getting close to being induced, as my clinic 'allows' you to go 40 weeks + 10 days. I was close to induction day and decided to try a few things to get things started. I got my cervix rimmed and took castor oil a couple of times and did so much walking. Janelle Nordin, our amazing friend and support throughout labor was with me even before things started, she took me to the gym and we walked there for a couple of hours (Monday June 20th), I felt a lot more cramping and was hoping to go into labor soon, nothing really happened until Wednesday, again, I got my cervix rimmed and went into labor a couple hours later.

Wednesday June 22nd at 7pm I went into labor, real contractions started and Tyler, who's also being so wonderful throughout this time, started keeping track of the contractions, they started every 10 minutes, lasting 30 seconds or so, they continued advancing in length and were more often, as I went through them I changed positions several times. Around 10pm contractions felt much stronger and I needed to pee so I went to the bathroom and had a few more contractions there, then this sudden gush of water came, water broke. Tyler phoned Janelle to asked her to come over and as she stood with me by the toilet, Tyler got the car ready, contractions were 3 minutes apart, lasting 60 seconds or so. As we drove, contractions got worse and by the time I had to walk to the maternity ward my pants were socked and I could hardly stand and handle the contractions, I thought "this baby will come soon". At midnight I was admitted to triage to be checked. The doctor came after an hour, as that night was one of the busiest, finally she checked me and said I was 3 - 4 cm. I could NOT believe my ears, she said she would check me in two hours and that I had to wait there, we requested a room but was denied as apparently they were all taken and I was not consider being in labor until I was 4cm dilated. I waited in triage until 5am, I cried and was asking God they would give a room to get in the shower and relief some of this horrible pain. As we waited there, Tyler and Janelle helped me changing positions, even walking around the bed, contractions were strong all the time, 1 -3 minutes apart.

Thursday June 23rd 5am - They finally gave me a room, Janelle was really watching that I would get one and I did.  Immediately I got in the shower to get some relief.  Contractions started coming one right after the other, with no break in between.  I was hoping things were moving along.  As contractions came I felt so much pressure as if I would need to push soon. A few hours later the doctor came to check me, it was the end of her shift and said I was still only 4cm!  She said baby was facing up and the head was not in the ideal position to come out and that was most likely the reason I was not dilating. I was so discouraged. I thought I was doing all I could to cope and help with the process. Doctor told me I needed to relax, and I tried my best, breathing and changing positions but contractions were so strong one after the other and could not get any rest in between. Doctor offered to start epidural and oxytocin to help the processes but I declined. I asked for other ways to help me relax so I tried the laughing gas which helped me breath much better but the pain was still there, I just wanted a break in between contractions, even a small one but I wasn't getting any. Around noon I was back in the shower, but it was not helping any more, I felt so much pressure that I could not believe I was still 4cm. I told Tyler "I can't do this anymore".  It was 28 hours of no sleep, so I asked to take the epidural, this was the beginning of me choosing what I said I wouldn't do, but I needed to calm down and get some relief. I did not take oxytocin at this point as I was hoping that once I was relaxed I could continue to dilate. While I was on the epidural, I walked in the room, changed positions, and did nipple stimulation in hopes to keep progressing and get the baby to turn. Doctor came and checked me again, she said I was about 4 - 5cm so she offered to start oxytocin but I declined asking for some more time. I continued doing what I could so baby would turn and I could progress. Baby's heartbeat was always so stable, what a strong baby I have, I’m thankful to God for that. Around 5pm, doctor came back and I still the same, she really encouraged me to start oxytocin, which was going to help me contract and hopefully dilate faster. I never thought I was going to choose to do this but I tried everything else and it was just not working. I took the oxytocin and they watch me and baby closer at this point but we remind good. I continued to change positions. By midnight I was close to 10cm, a long wait but doctor told me I could try to start pushing, I was starting to feel the contractions more, even with the epidural, so I push in every contraction, I pushed for about 2.5 hours, I was so tired.

Friday, June 24 at 4am Doctor suggested calling the obstetrician to get her opinion on trying forceps to turn baby. The obstetrician came, and said there were some possibilities on turning baby’s head but she wanted to have me ready in the operation room in case of haemorrhage so she could start blood transfusion. This was my last resource; I wanted to have my baby naturally and tried it all. I asked the obstetrician to not ‘force’ turning the baby more that what she should as I didn’t want baby to suffer. I was then prepared and taken to the operation room. Obstetrician tried turning baby but was not successful. They proceeded to perform c-section, after 33 hours of labor; our son Lucca was born at 6:24am, weighing 8lb 15oz, 21”. Lucca was so alert since the moment he was born. They brought him with me to the room and he nursed right away.

I’ve had my moments when I’ve cried and wonder if I did all what I could, Tyler says I did. At the time, it broke my heart that things didn’t go as I hoped, but I’m thankful with God for giving us such a strong and sweet little boy. Thank you Sue for all your amazing classes, we feel we made all decision at the right time. Despite things not going the way we hoped, I always felt in control of my labor.


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