Monday, May 11th at 4:25am, 2009
Aurora Midwives

The story of Luna Zampini's Arrival:

6lbs 11oz just over 19" long, She was delivered at home, happy, healthy and naturally.

After a few contractions, Sunday morning, Erick and I decided to go for brunch with some friends... we tried to ignore them, then they got stronger around 5pm... then went away. We went for along walk (instead, I should have slept or taken it easy...) by 8pm they started getting stronger,I took some homeopathics and by 10pm while doing some "cat-cow" stretches on my yoga mat... after a contraction... my water BROKE! it was a great feeling! and a great relief too!

I called my midwife, who came over. By the time she arrived I was already 5 cm's dilated, we then moved into the bathtub, withing an hour I went to 8 cm's ... water works! it was nice to be there too. I wanted to start pushing, but I wans't supposed to yet... we walked up & down the stairs, my poor husband, Erick holding my half dead weight up and down the whole time.. he amazed me with his strength and encouraging words. He also kept bringing me cold presses for my forehead, running up & down to the room with buckets of ice to keep me cool... finally the midwives said I could start, so I did, it felt good, apparently (according to Erick) I was making "Allien noises" ha! I dilated a bit more, but not enough, my cervix didn't quite open, so midwives had to move me to the BED and "manually" move my cervix over so baby could come down - she was showing!! everybody started cheering me on! "we can see baby!!" PUUUUush!! I was tired, after 5 and a half hours... Midwives thought she was back labour at one point, as her head was pushing back into my spine. It wasn't though and finally after pushing hard agains my midwives fingers, Luna Zampini arrived!

It was a wonderful relief! she came out super alert, happy and healthy! she was checking everything out... then latched on right away!! she was hungry! it was beautiful experience!

This was the Most Powerful, surrendering experience! We are on cloud 9...or 19 if there is one? Only God can create such perfect process - truly a miracle- We thank Sue and our birthing classes! without them, we probably would have been worried to death and not so confident as we were ...THANK you for helping us deliver our love-child!


Damarys Zampini

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