Beautiful Baby Girl
Sept 24, 2013

Two weeks ago we had a beautiful baby girl, and I want to say thank you SO SO SO much for everything you taught us in the course because it was the most amazing and beautiful experience ever.

I hope it's okay that I tell you my birth story so I can let you know how much your knowledge helped my husband and I. My water broke shortly after midnight on the 24th and after calling my midwife and letting her know, my husband and I tried to get some more sleep in prep for the big day ahead. Contractions came about 0.5 hour after my water broke but were manageable enough to sleep through them. Around 7 in the morning, the contractions slowed down significantly and then eventually stopped :( I kept moving and did some last minute stuff around the house in hopes that they would start up again. My midwife came over around 11 am and she had me drink a cocktail who's main ingredients were verbena and castor oil.Contractions came pretty strong about an hour after and then the party started! Active labour got into full swing after lunch and I was on the birthing ball in the shower, leaning over the bed, on all fours, all which felt great. My husband applied counter pressure to my hips everytime there was a contraction which felt incredible, so thank you for showing him that trick. When the contractions were about 2 mins apart for an hour, we called the midwife again who came over and laboured with us for another hour or so. She did an exam and voila! I was 7 cm! Into the car we went and drove to the high river hospital.

Once we got to the hospital, my midwife had me sit on the toilet through the transition stage. Riley gave me a water bottle filled with water and emergenC which I think kept my energy going strong.  She massaged my back while I held on to my husband. She did another exam and I was ready to push! Because I have lower back problems, the best position for me to push was on all fours and thats how the baby came out! Pushing only took about an hour and it was magic to feel the baby make her way down through the birth canal. Baby was delivered at 6:47 pm on Sept 24th and was happy and healthy.

When the midwife that delivered my baby came to do her home visit, we relived the birth all over again and she said was very impressed about how calm and accepting I was of the whole birth process. So much in fact that later that week when she was presenting at a conference in the states on midwifery, she used my birth as an example of how letting your body do what it needs to do during labor and accepting the natural process, helps the labour immensely.

I told my midwife that it was completely your class that instilled that confidence in me. I was never afraid or anxious about the birth because of the knowledge I received in your class. Like you said, it was just like taking a poop :) I am so grateful that we took that class because I really do believe that it helped to make the labour so amazing.

 So thank you again Sue. You helped give us the most incredible gift.  I hope that the healthy birth choices prenatal class continues on until the end of time so women and their partners can continue to receive such valuable information that will help them through the birth of their children. Take care Sue and I hope to see you at one of the open houses soon.