June 9, 2009

I wanted to send you off a quick note! Thank you soooooooo much for your training and continuation of helping me trough the days of being overdue. I wanted to let you know that I believe I had an orgasmic birth! Although Lyle couldn't tell it, my last stage of labor, as soon as I was able to start pushing was a total out of body experience. I felt like I was in such a tranquile place ( like when I vacationed in Punta Canna) That whole time of pushing was a wonderful feeling, I was on such a high!:) I spoke to Lyle about it later and he said that I never seemed like I was in pain or ever said I was in pain. Honestly, it felt amazeing. I think she birthed a big portion herself from being big and strong, I didn't even feel the 2nd degree tears! I was so relaxed, which is why i believe it was orgasmic! Wow! I can't beleive I was scared about giving birth years ago!

Me and Lyle just wanted you to know, if you ever want us to come meet one of your classes and tell our story, we are totally in!

P.S. I was right about fast dialation between 4cm and 10cm. lol I was in the birthing room for a period of 2 and a half hours when Lyra was born. The last 32 minutes was the pushing time, but I took my time and chose wich contraction to catch, like catching a wave! My doctor Spence and nurse Nicola were pro natural birth and followed our birth plan to a T, it couldn't have been more perfect!

Laura's Story

My due date was scheduled for May 25th and my doctor was worried that I was measuring 2 weeks larger than I was supposed to be. She had me get an ultrasound for the safety of the baby (incase she was too big) I assured my doctor that big babies run in my family and that I was not worried about giving birth naturally.

The ultrasound showed that my baby was already over 9 pounds and I still had a week to go until my due date. I was not worried and assured myself that the ultrasound was inaccurate. My next doctor's appointment went well as the doctor said, it looks like I have a big baby which puts me at a greater risk of c-section but that ultrasounds can be off with weight. Everything else with baby was great. My doctor had been saying all along that we would be getting induced on June 4th and have the baby by the 5th. I was to believe that was the normal maximum amount of time allowed past due date was this 10 days. I was wrong! As long as the baby is doing fine, you can have a maximum of 2 weeks until they want to see the baby. My doctor said "You probably want to get on with this birth, right?" I said "Actually, we were thinking that since the baby is healthy and doing well, we would like to give her a few extra days to come naturally." My doctor shocked us when she said "Sure, no problem! The maximum is 2 weeks past due which would be the 8th . So I recommend you getting induced on the 6th or 7th and will have the baby by the 8th". We were so happy to learn this!

For the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy I had a weekly routine. I saw a chiropractor twice a week and a massage once a week. With the chiro, it helped in many ways: first, my hips were tight and not flexible. So the chiropractor loosened up my hips and pelvic bone and caused all my pain to disappear immediately. The second thing was that you learn very effective breathing to make you relax the muscles in your body. I feel the breathing through the chiro visits prepared me for breathing throughout the contractions. Also, the chiropractor said pregnant women with chiropractic care should have labor no longer than 5 hours! With the massage, I learned to relax all my muscles with therapeutic prenatal massage and breath through pain with this massage as you learn to relax your muscles, there will no longer be pain. I believe this weekly routine for breathing and muscle relaxing is why I had NO pain in Labor. On top of these two things I also made sure I had a minimum of 4 cups of raspberry leaf tea. I took primrose oil religiously and believe it is what had me 50% effaced a week before going into labor and made me extremely welliubed and easy for baby to slide out without effort. I took 2 capsules orally in the morning and at night and 2 capsules vaginally after pricked with a pin in the evening (even if we had sex, I still took them). We also walked for 30 minutes twice a day.

My due date passed by and we now had to go for an ultrasound every 3 days until induction date to ensure baby's health was still doing fine. Fortunately, she passed all 2
ultrasounds. We started trying different things to get labor going shortly before my due date came up. We took Sue's advice and visited the girls a Xerion for homeopathies. Their doctor's advice is free and they are very good at helping you out. My favorite thing from them was caulophyllum. We felt it started the uterus practicing for the up coming contractions 2 days later. Also in the last couple days we went to see Dr. Patricia Yik (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncturist) she helped induce me and I felt like she really got baby moving! She also gave us an awesome castor oil recipe that you rub on your belly. This seemed to get things started as well. Finally the last 2 days I was taking black & blue cohosh every half hour to an hour for a maximum of 6 hours. I have all of these directions on the attached sheets.

We can't say if any particular one of these worked alone but everything together certainly got things going. I went into labor on June 5th; I had light contractions in the morning that were an hour apart. We went out and about doing things as I didn't want to just wait at home. Finally the contractions were 5 minutes apart with the help of the black and blue cohosh every half hour. The contractions continued at 5 minutes apart for 5 hours and with each contraction I rushed to the bathroom to pee. I tried having 2 baths to relax and allow my body to let go in the water. They were still light; I could talk and walk with them. I called Sue for support as I felt we should go to the hospital as this may just be how I react to the contractions. My husband said that I shouldn't be able to talk or walk with them as this is what our doctor told us. Sue told me to aggravate the contractions by doing squats and pelvic rocks during the contractions. So I did two pelvic rocks with contractions and one squat with contraction. (This was hard) My contractions became every 2 minutes apart. I got ready and told my husband I wanted to go to the hospital, we can always come home if I'm not far enough along in labor. My husband agreed as this was both our first time and we unsure of what it should feel like.

We got in the car and during the 45 minute ride to the hospital, I only had 3 contractions. I took one last dose of cohosh before going into the hospital at 1230 am. I felt comfortable at the hospital and could stop worrying about my husband delivering our baby. Contractions kicked in right away. We went to triage and found out I was 5 em dilated. Where I had been tested weeks ago for strep B, I was given penicillin right away but asked the nurse to cap the site so that I could be free from IV. They make you get hooked up to a monitor for a half hour but it was longer for me because I had to eat ice to wake the baby to get her moving enough so they could monitor her movements and heart beats. We were brought to the birthing room where we spent only 2 and a half hours before baby was born.

So we had an amazing nurse named Nicola, who stayed with us the whole time and taught my husband to do counter pressure during contractions. Unfortunately because I was overdue by 12 days I had to be hooked up to a monitor but my nurse had it so that I could move about as I wished and she just hooked and unhooked me as necessary. My contractions became closer and closer and were getting hard to breathe through all the way. I wanted to go to the toilette and my nurse said if you feel like pushing you can try a couple for fun on the toilette. So I let myself push a bit as I felt I needed to and on the second push I felt my water break. I got up and said to my husband "Get the nurse I think my water broke and I think that's meconnium" sure enough it was. So a meconnium team was called to do suction if necessary at delivery time incase they would be needed. I then made my way to the bed and stopped in my tracks to lean on my husband as a contraction came on. I couldn't breathe all the way through this one and as I stood there I felt my baby's head come down the canal and slide right back up again. I yelped. not because it was painful but because it was very different and I was afraid of her falling out. We asked the nurse to check me and she didn't think I was there yet but she checked and I was about 9 and a half cm dilated, with just a lip of cervix. She called the doctor who happened to be Dr. Spence. I lucked out because my doctor and nurse were both pro natural and followed our birth plan to the T!

My nurse told me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees and rest my arms on the inclined top part of the bed. So I rested my whole upper body on the bed and my bum towards the nurse and my
husband. She then told me not to push, just let your body do what it wants to do in order to stretch out the perineum and build your hormones. So I relaxed myself and let go. What a wonderful feeling of release. This point was crucial that my husband was giving me water and washing my face with cold clothes. I quickly became high on my hormones and felt as if I were no longer in my body. I was feeling like I was lying on a beach in the dominion. I was in such a tranquil place. My doctor arrived and they were rubbing oil and hot cloths on me to try and stretch me out. I was turned around on the bed inclined with my legs out like a frog. They told me to start pushing whenever I was ready. I said "ok Lyle, hold my legs up!" The nurse was sitting beside me on the bed relaxed the doctor was in front of me all relaxed and Lyle was on the other side of me. The nurse said "Oh no, your baby's already right there you just have to push her out. You have a nice yoga position there". It was so comfortable. So I chose which contractions seemed like a bigger wave and then I pushed, once pushing like that, it was as if! wasn't really in my own body.

My uterus took over and I was in a wonderful rush of hormones. I really enjoyed this part. I mentally kept my muscles loose and relaxed and had no pain, every time I pushed it was such a surreal feeling. I pushed only on the\ ones I wanted and it felt like I was floating in the ocean catching the biggest waves. Then my baby's head came out but I wasn't sure because I was on such a big high. My doctor said stop pushing! I didn't hear her because the pushing felt great. Finally the nurse and Lyle told me to breathe. Going back to holding contractions and breathing was really hard but I managed and the doctor got the baby out safely without her swallowing any meconium. They put her up on us right away and she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! More beautiful then I could have imagined. My husband and I felt like we were on top of the world. We finally get why Sue is so excited about helping people have healthy intervention free births!

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