August 4, 2010

Hi Rhonda & Sue,

Last Wednesday, Mike and I welcomed our little one 2 weeks early. :)  His name is Matthew Alexander, and he was 6lbs 14 oz.  Sue, you would be so proud of me-I was not a bum squeezer and I let my body do what it needed to do and delivered a healthy baby boy without any epidurals or other drugs.  You were right...the body does what it needs to do and knows to do to deliver a healthy baby.  Thank you both so much for your support and encouragement.  My water broke around 3 a.m. last Wednesday morning, I started having contractions around 5:30ish, got to Rockyview General Hospital at 6:45 a.m. and was already 6 cm dilated, then delivered a healthy baby boy by 8:22 a.m.  I still can't believe how quickly my labor went.  Mike and I are SO in love with our little boy and so happy to finally meet him.  I only have one picture on my desktop at the moment but will send more later.

Thanks for everything!
Sharon, Mike & Matthew Bradshaw

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