Desmond Edgar Troyer

Born November 17, 2013 at 3:01 am

Weighing 8 lbs, 10 oz and 21.7 in in length

On Saturday, Nov. 16 I lost my mucus plug and was pretty excited, hoping things would pick up (being 40 +2). I knew it meant nothing really, but Dave and I kicked things into full gear that day making sure all our loose ends were tied. I was also quite crampy but figured that was just a sign of labour to come … eventually. We walked in the snow, did a huge superstore shop, I spent 2 hours sorting birth music, and another 2 in the kitchen. I don’t remember having many Braxton hicks but I might have just been way too busy to notice.

That evening we both couldn’t sleep. At 11:45 p.m. I got up to pee and after getting my pants almost up my water broke. I hopped into the shower to clean off and contractions had started. The hot water felt amazing on the contractions, especially since they were coming on quite strong and seemingly back to back. I grabbed my phone and started timing contraction, just to see, and they were coming 1 minute apart lasting 30-45 second long. I just figured this was my imagination or the excitement that something was definitely happening and the surely hints would die down. Nope. I was in transition.

The midwife was called and Dave was sent to fill the birth tub. Unfortunately, we had just run the dishwasher in addition to my shower, so we had NO hot water left. Dave did everything he could, running up and down with lots of boiling water and checking the tap to see if the water regenerated all the while coming back for me and giving me counter pressure. Before the midwife arrived I said to Dave “if I’m not more than 4 cm dilates we are going to foothills for the epidural” and Dave’s response was “you’re doing great! You can do it”. I don’t know what I responded but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t very polite.

The midwife arrived, checked me and told me not too worry about an epidural because I was 9,5 cm and pretty much ready to push. At this point I freaked out a little because I knew the tub wasn’t ready. I got in bed and started to pushed anyways. I didn’t know what else to do and pushing felt way better than not. My doula arrived and helped Dave manage the water situation. The second midwife arrived and helped with counter pressure. With only a few more degrees to go in the tub I finally got in the water, which felt amazing. I continued to push as boiling water was still being added. When I could feel my baby’s head I said “can someone take over for Dave so be can see the birth of his son!”. In no time our beautiful baby boy shot right out of me, like a torpedo, at 3:01 am.

We both had prepared for a typical average to long labour where I would spend early labour playing video games and Dave would have lots of time to prepare the tub. A few days earlier we had even spent some time reviewing everything that we learned in the class and going over different situations that might come up. This was definitely not one to them, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

Welcome Desmond – Home Water Birth
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