Our Passion Statement

We are very passionate about the work we do because we deeply believe that birth matters.

With over 35 years combined experience working in childbirth education (preceded and inspired by the births of our own children), we feel that an ideal pregnancy and birth impacts the family in a profound way, while providing the newborn with a strong foundation upon which a healthy life unfolds.

With this in mind, it is our fundamental goal to provide expectant parents with the knowledge and strategies necessary to create an optimal pregnancy, labour and birth experience.

Nature Knows Best

We believe that a woman’s body was designed to give birth. When we trust and respect the natural process, the body responds well providing numerous benefits to both mother and baby. Bringing your child into the world the way nature intended is a very safe, satisfying and empowering experience.

Is Healthy Birth Choices Right for Me?

Our classes are designed to prepare the 95% of expectant couples who fall under the “normal and low risk” category.  Classes are well received by people from varying backgrounds, philosophies and learning styles.  Our curriculum is based on safe, effective methodology supported by evidence based research, consistent with the recommendations of The Public Health Agency of Canada,  SOGC, and The Canadian Association of Midwives.

With intervention rates in North America being considerably high, it has become our priority to work with families, reminding them that birth is a normal and healthy physiological event.  When we arm couples with the know-how to be proactive participants in birth, their chance of a more positive experience improves significantly. Note: We focus on normality and do not provide medical advice.

Holistic Approach

Since childbirth is both a physical and psychological event, women require a holistic approach that takes into consideration, not only their physical needs but their mental and emotional ones as well.  We appreciate that each women is unique and arrives at class with different needs and desires.  We respect this individuality. Whether she chooses to give birth in hospital or home, with doctor or midwife, our couples demonstrate equally successful outcomes.

The Role of Your Loving “Partner”

We have high expectations for partners to be involved and assume the role of “key supporter”.  We believe in empowering partners to be equally knowledgeable and passionate about the task at hand. This shared vision, combined with dedication, trust and love, increases the likelihood of a more positive birth.  Labours with adequate support are shorter, less painful, and require less intervention.  When a loved one takes on this awesome responsibility, birth becomes an intimate bonding experience unlike any other.

When Things Don’t Go As Planned

The intention to have a natural birth is a commendable one and is worth striving for. However, no matter how well prepared, birth can be unpredictable with plenty of variation.  Our #1 priority along the journey is a healthy mother and a healthy baby.  In a small percentage of births, complications do arise and medical intervention is instrumental in achieving a positive outcome.   In these situations, we are truly grateful for the technology that is available to families.

We pride ourselves on teaching our couples to be effective communicators and to work in partnership with those involved in their birth, to help reach their goals. We spend time familiarizing parents-to-be about common obstetrical interventions, including the benefits and risks, and good questions to ask.

Your Optimal Birth

Birth is a deeply personal and life changing experience. We feel privileged each time couples instill their trust in us to help them prepare for this awesome journey.

It is important to know that we do not wish to predetermine how your birth should go.  Our priority is to deliver the information and skills you will need to create your most optimal birth experience.  We recognize and respect that every couple will have a unique vision.

We invite you to join us….

Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth, planning a hospital birth or a home delivery, we are here to provide a quality education that will encourage you, enlighten you, empower you, and most importantly, help you give your baby the healthiest start to life.


Rhonda & Sue
Founding Partners | Healthy Birth Choices Inc.