February 16, 2009
Rockyview Hospital

Finally after weeks of a complete daze of elation and excitement, not to mention a revolving door of visitors.  I have finally gotten back to you all about the arrival of our bouncing baby boy Parker.

Everything started just after our last class.  I went in for my 37 week apt, only to be told that baby is breech.  It took 2 Dr’s to confirm this with external palpatation & a ultrasound.  We were given 2 options, 1) deliver via C-section 2) try external cephalic movement.(try to turn baby externally)

After much discussion and picking Sue’s brain on the matter, we decided to try turning the baby 1st.  One of the risks is te onset of labour, which is why this was done at 37-38 weeks because as we all learned 37-41 weeks is full term 😉 so if labour did start baby would be okay.  Only down side was I would have to go to Rockeyview when I wanted to be in High River.

On Mon Feb 9, we went in to turn the little devil.  The nurses were…ok, the OB Doc was fantastic!  She didn’t push to hard and knew when to say that’s it with no stress on baby.  We thought she had it once, but baby had it’s legs locked against both side of my womb and wouldn’t budge it’s head out of my right ribcage. Oh yah, all this was done with an ultrasound present to check baby’s position.  I was monitored for 20 min beacuse contractions had started yet then faded away.  Funny thing was I thought I just had gas because I only felt cramping on the right side, not the whole vice grip around the belly everyone talks about.

Feeling a bit disapointed after all our preparations for natural childbirth, we were now a scheduled Csection on Feb 20.  Kinda lack luster to me, no water breaking, or calling Dave to say “honey it’s time!”  Just okay baby will be here on Friday! (I know sounds pretty petty but I was soo bummed.)

Well life has a funny way of throwing curve balls.  After watching a movie on Feb 15, Dave rolled over and went to sleep.  Since I was so uncomfortable by this point I kept the TV on and watched some more when I started to feel like I did after trying to turn baby.  Cramping up the right side only.  Yet again I figured it was gas.  I’d been eating a ton of fruit and broccoli for some reason so I mentioned it to Dave his exact words were..”Wake me if anything interesting happens.”

As the 11 o’clock news started I decided I should get some sleep, I’ll just hit the loo before I do.  As I tried to manuver off the bed I felt a ‘pop’, then a gush.  Hitting Dave on the arm I said ” Umm, Honey? My water just broke!” Dave thought I was kidding until he saw the puddle on our bed.  Interesting little fact….when baby’s head is down it acts like a plug or stopper once Mom stands up to slow the waters.  My baby is breech, when I stood up, my waters ran faster.   I made to our bathroom with out getting any on the carpet, got to the tile in the bathroom and sat on the toilet while Dave started the truck and placed towels on my seat.

While enroute to the hospital Dave thought he’d try and find a Tim’s that was open, since he said he would be in for a long night.  After driving to one and it was closed, he thought he’d try another one till I said that I knew that in class labour can have a putsy-putsy stage, I didn;t want to risk being some freak of nature who delivers quickly, catch what I ‘m saying.  We called High River to let them know that we were comming and that it needs to be a c-section do we still come or do we head to rockeyview?  We were told to come.

Once we got there.  They realized there was no anestiseologist on call due to Family day holiday from midnight to 4pm.  After being monitored for 20 min and checked internally I was not dialated yet so we were safe to drive ourselves to Rockeyview, no abmbulace required.  At Rockyview the nurses were great and by OB was a little Lady due herself in April.  Now acording to the World Health Organisation breech babies cannot be delivered vaginally, especially 1st time moms.  My OB said she has had experience delivering breech, and said I could try.  BUT it meant epidural, local freezing, episiotomy, forceps to reach baby and she was only on shift till 8am.  It was already going on 4am and the next OB on shift would inmmediatly do a c-section.  After all the intervention mentioned for a vaginal birth, the c-section was more straight foreward and less medication.

I too had the cute resident ( oh yes I DID notice, and I don’t feel guilty:))  Since it was his 1st breech I got to listen in on his lesson.  Pretty cool, it was a relaxed atmosphere and very jovial.  I think I cracked a couple jokes.  Apparently our child was quote unquote “wrapped up like a Christmas present”  He was tangled pretty good in there.  The Docs were thrilled that we didn’t know the sex of the baby.  Once baby was out it was brought around the little curtain and we were told ” Take a look Mom & Dad”

Dave and I looked and then to each other ” Oh my God! It’s a boy!  We both thought he was a girl.  Dave then went with baby while the Doc’s finished with me.  Everything went without any complications and then Dave brought our son to me in recovery.  It was unusually slow at Rockyview so Dave was able to charm his way in with baby.

Parker was born February 16,2009 at 4:51am
7lbs, 15oz, 19 inches long.

Wow, long story but I know we all have good ones. Stories and babies.  Thanks soo much to Sue and her teachings.  Eventhough we did not have a natural childbirth.  The knowledge we gained helped us make informed decisions to what was best for us.  Not once did we feel the Dr’s talking over our Heads but felt like part of the process.  Thank you Sue! Can’t wait till the baby reunion!

Welcome Parker – Cesarean for Breech Baby
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