December 27, 2010

Name: Rowen
Weight: 3.48 kg (7lb 11oz)
Length: 47 cm (18.5 inches)
Born at home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on December 27th at 9:25 pm.

Although we weren’t expecting him until the New Year (our due date was Jan 7th), little Rowen must have decided that he wanted to meet & greet all the family who was in town visiting over the Christmas holidays.

Michelle started having mild contractions after we returned home from Christmas dinner at her cousin’s. After consulting with our Midwives over the phone we were advised that these mild contractions (20-30 seconds, 10 minutes apart) were likely “pre-labour” and these could continue on for weeks! Michelle was to stay well rested and check back in if the contractions started speeding up. Meanwhile my parents & sister arrived from Edmonton to spend a few days with us over Christmas… they were very excited to learn that there was a chance their new little grandchild would be born during their visit! Michelle was relieved when a day and a half later things started to pick up (she couldn’t possible imagine ignoring these pre-labour sensations for much longer).

Our family from Edmonton decided to give us some space and left the house for the evening not knowing what to expect when they returned. We called our Midwives and Doula and when they arrived at our home it was evident that things were progressing very very quickly (which is unusual for a first time mom). Michelle’s water broke and she started experiencing some very hard contractions – there was barely enough time for me to fill the birthing pool! Once we climbed into the water Michelle continued to progress very quickly culminating with her pushing out our little baby in a stellar 25 minutes! Rowen was placed immediately on mom’s chest and we sat in the water and enjoyed our little baby while awaiting the delivery of the placenta. Rowen was extremely awake, aware, verbal and happily looking at us; it was an incredibly precious moment! When my parents, my sister, Michelle’s brother and mother returned home from their movie at midnight our little family was tucked into bed and learning to nurse. Needless to say they were very thrilled to meet the newest member of the family.

Our Midwives and Doula were incredibly complimentary about how smoothly and quickly everything went. Our Doula says that it was one of the most beautiful and smooth births she has ever attended! In turn, we cannot be thankful enough for their amazing support and professionalism!

Michelle is recovering quickly and is in great spirits. Rowen is one hungry little guy and is feeding every two to three hours. He is absolutely perfect and the best Christmas gift we have ever received!


Rob, Michelle and Rowen Avis

Welcome Rowen – Home Birth
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