December 10, 2012

We would like to announce the birth of our beautiful baby BOY, Ryder Mason. Ryder came into this world on December 10, 2012 @ 8:12pm, 7lbs, 21 inches.  We are completely in love and so happy!

My labor started early morning Monday at about 2am with just some mild contractions that were very similar to menstrual cramps and I had some low back pain.  I had experienced these before so I passed them off as Braxton Hicks. I wasn’t initially thinking this was going to turn into anything but I noticed they started to become very regular about every 3 minutes lasting about 45 seconds.  I timed them in bed for about an hour and half but by 4am they were pretty intense and especially in my back so I had to get on all fours to get some pressure of my back.  The contractions were nothing like I had expected and actually very manageable even with the back pain.  I decided to get up and walk around for a while but I found that when a contraction would come the best place I wanted to be was on all fours because of the pressure in my back.  By about 7am we decided to head to the hospital as my contractions were still 3 – 4 minutes apart and about 45 – 60 seconds to the peak.  We arrived at the hospital where they confirmed I was dilated to 4cm.  The staff was so great and supported my desire for a natural drug-free labor.

They provided so much access for me to move about, use the birthing ball, shower and walk around the ward.  I constantly changed positions but initially I loved the birthing ball because all the contractions I felt were directly in my back. The doctor came to check on us at about 11am and let us know that baby was sunny-side up and needed to turn (this is why I had so much pain in my back); we were dilated to 5cm and 100% effaced.  They decided to break my waters as this can make the baby turn.  Once my water was broken, the contractions got even more intense but I remember thinking to myself that I could totally do this and it was still very manageable.  We knew from class that I had to get on all fours, do a ton of pelvic rocking and lunges.  I concentrated on doing this for hours and eventually decided to hop in the shower at about 3pm.  By now the only position that felt really great to me was to “slow-dance” with TJ while I rocked my hips back and forth.

The contractions became really intense and were one on top of the other with no breaks in between. I thought for sure I was getting close to transition.  The doctor came in around 4pm for a vaginal check and advised me that we were still at 5cm, 100% effaced and baby had not turned.  I was devastated!  I asked the doctor if I could deliver the baby sunny-side up and she advised me that we could but the pushing stage may be very long. She also advised me that because babe was not in the proper position for labor, my cervix wasn’t dilating as quick because the baby’s head wasn’t putting the proper amount of pressure on it.  They brought up the possibility of needing a c-section and because I wanted to avoid this I ask what other options she had.  She mentioned they would give me oxytocin to strengthen my contractions which can assist in turning baby as well; TJ and I took some time to discuss it and agreed as I really wanted to avoid the c-section discussion. Because I was given oxytocin I had to be monitored so they could make sure it wasn’t too much for baby; this restricted me to the bed and my back pain was no longer manageable if I couldn’t move so we requested an epidural.  I received the epidural right away and although the back pain went away I felt a ton of pressure and I let my nurse know that this baby was coming.  She asked if I wanted her to check my cervix and I said yes.  She did and confirmed I was now 10cm dilated and baby was so low and had TURNED!  I started to push right away and it felt amazing to use my contractions.  The pushing stage felt like 10 minutes but I actually pushed for about an hour.  I was completely in the “zone”.

Our beautiful boy was placed on my belly and we were able to watch the cord pulsate until it stopped.  It was truly one of the most magical experiences of my life.  Although my labor did not go as planned I am truly happy with the decisions we made and I was incredibly thankful for all the information we learned in class so that we could ask the right questions and make educated decisions on what was best for us and baby.  TJ was absolutely unbelievable!  He was my complete rock and I could not have made it through without him. He worked so hard for me providing counter-pressure and encouraging words to get me through.  We truly were the best team!

Thank you again for all you do and I cannot wait to see everyone and their babes soon!  Wishing all the best to our new mommies and daddies to be!

Love Jenn, TJ and baby Ryder

Welcome Ryder – Hospital Birth
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