July 30, 2013
Rockyview Hospital Birth 

On July 30th, we welcomed Senna William to the world. He weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs 10 oz., with measurements of 21 inches long, and 37 cm head circumference. A big handsome little guy!

At 10 days overdue, we went for the mandatory biophysical profile ultrasound. Baby was happy and healthy…. with an estimated 10 lb body weight. Thankfully, the ultrasound tech and our midwife assured us that the weight estimates are usually 1 lb high.

After trying every natural induction method possible… from a 10 km walk to eating a whole pineapple, 2 sweeps, ‘tuning into Tokyo’, and so forth, we finally tried the verbena and castor oil ‘smoothie’. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted… but a few hours after having the first of two doses, we were in labour!

The little man was born 11 days past his due date. Our midwife came for the planned home birth at 3 cm dilation. Things progressed quickly, so she stuck around. At 9 cm dilated, the midwife had me try to push when I felt the urge during a contraction, as she tried to manually move the lip of the cervix. After 4 hours at 9 cm dilated, the frequency of the contractions began to space out and the station of the baby was not progressing. Daddy and the midwife could see that the top of baby’s head was beginning to swell, which led to our going to Rockyview General Hospital. Jon drove us to the hospital. A drive that took no time at all, but sure felt like a lifetime! Our midwife had me walk from our parking spot in the parked through to the unit… at 9 cm dilated… to see if the contractions grew closer together. And ohhhh did they ever. I put on quite a show through the parkade, crossing the driveway into the hospital, and all the way to the 6th floor. There were shining moments that included my grabbing a wheelchair, squatting, and screaming “Why can’t I just have a wheelchair?!?”. Poor Jon was just following the midwife’s requests, and I am sure he got a few looks from passersby!

Once we got the labour at delivery at the Rockyview, we had a consult with the OBGYN Team who wanted to measure the strength of the contractions internally to see if oxytocin would assist in progressing a natural delivery.  With the use of an IUPC (Intra Uterine Pressure Catheter) it was clear that my contractions were very strong and they determined that the baby was too big for a vaginal birth. The OBGYN kindly said she was sure she didn’t have to tell me they were strong enough as I worked through a contraction! She promised me that within the hour, I’d have my baby in my arms as a c-section was without a doubt necessary.

Thanks to the Healthy Birth Choices course empowering daddy’s, Jon was able to share my honeydo list with the OBGYN. She took the time to listen to what Jon had to share with regard to my wishes. On the wish list: having skin to skin with baby within minutes of the delivery, photos of the delivery, getting the placenta for placenta encapsulation, and delayed cord clamping. Rhonda, we discussed in the course that you can’t get your placenta or delayed cord clamping when it’s a c-section, but you also taught us you can’t get what you don’t ask for. Thankfully, we had an obliging surgeon!  We also had a wonderful nurse who encouraged Jon to bring his video camera and still camera, and helped take photos during the c-section. She also gave Jon great tips on photos he’d probably like to take, and even from what angle, while in the surgery!

Senna and I were in the hospital for 4 days because the OBGYN team wanted to monitor my incision and area. In addition to all we’ve learned from our midwife and Rhonda, we’ve picked up lots of really helpful tips from the lactation consultants, treating OBGYN, and postpartum nurses on the unit during our time there. We look forward to sharing little tie bits that we’ve found very useful at future group meetings!!

While not our birth plan, we got what we ultimately wanted: a healthy baby and mommy. Life is good 🙂 Can’t wait for you all to meet Mr. Senna!

XOX Jon, Sally & Senna

Welcome Senna – Cesarean at Rockyview with Midwives & OB
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