Welcome Taryn – Cesarean Birth

Oct 3, 2009
Briar Hill Midwives

Hi Sue,

We had a 9 lbs 13 oz baby girl, she’s 21.5 inches long.

Although the delivery was not what we planned it was still good that we knew what to expect with possible interventions. My water broke @ 5:30 pm on Friday Oct 2nd and labour started shortly after @ 6:17 pm. We went through 24 hours of “Putsy” labor, at 3:30 pm on Saturday the midwives called us into the hospital for a check, I had not dilated at all! They suggested an oxytocin drip to speed things along and reduce the infection risk. We labored on the drip for another 12 hours only to find out we were only 1 cm dilated, I’ll admit I had nothing left to endure any more contractions as they were pretty strong. We opted at that point for a C-Section, I was given a spinal and Taryn was born @ 7:02 am. Despite the fact that it was not a natural child birth we were not disappointed with the experience at all having learned about all about the risks and possibilities.

We’re all doing well and I’m recovering from the surgery well!

Welcome Taryn - Cesarean Birth
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