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1 Day Weekend Intensive - In Person

1 Day Weekend Intensive - In Person

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No options that work for you? Email us with your due date and class of interest. We're always adding new classes to meet demand.

*Price is per couple

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For those couples with challenging schedules and/or who live out of town.  This convenient but jam-packed 8 hour class is heavily dependant on additional e-learning done at home to complete the program.

8 hours of in-class instruction  (1 full 8 hour day with break for lunch)
11.5 hours of e-Learning/Homework assignments
TOTAL:  Over 20 hours of curriculum & additional resources

*We recommend choosing a class that ends before you are 37 weeks gestation to ensure you makeit to all the classes before baby arrives (Ideally 3-6 weeks). This will also ensure you are in a class with other couples with similar due dates.

What's also included

  • Childbirth Companion Workbook
  • Online quizzes
  • Unlimited phone & email support before, during and after birth


      In Person

      Level 1 – Preparing for a healthy birth

      Level 1 core content prepares you and your partner for what to expect during a normal birth, how to avoid complications, minimize pain and what to do during the different phases.

      • Birth Physiology Defined (Anatomy, hormones, stages, etc.)
      • The psychology of birth
      • Birth Culture & Giving birth in Calgary
      • Coaching roles and responsibilities
      • Best practices for avoiding complications
      • Minimizing & managing pain


      Level 2 – Navigating obstacles & understanding interventions

      Level 2 advanced knowledge on navigating birth and adapting to when things don’t go as planned.

      This content is covered over the 7 weeks series and various e-Learning videos.

      • Evaluating progress of labour
      • Common medical interventions, practices and routines
      • Facing obstacles (induction, slow labour, prelabour rupture of membranes, etc.)

      History of Childbirth

      Fears surrounding the safety of birth today are largely unjustified.  This 23 minute e-learning video hleps us understand the roots of our birth culture in North America and appreciate the safety of childbirth today.

      Natural Hospital Birth

      Giving birth naturally in an environment that does not see much natural birth can take a little extra know-how.  This 2 hour e-Class helps to prepare expectant parents with understanding, strategies and best practices for achieving a natural birth in a hospital environment.

      When baby is breech

      Understanding breech (bum or feet fown) fetal presentation, suggestions for turning baby and options for delivering vaginally.

      Cesarean Section

      This 17 minute e-Class details cesarean section surgery, along with benefits, risks, and recovery suggestions.


      How to set yourself up for success with breastfeeding.  This 2 hour e-Class helps to eleviate a lot of the worry and frustrations that first time parents experience in the first hours and days post-birth.

      Post-birth & newborn expectations

      Recovering from birth and getting to know your baby can be overwhelming.  This e-Class helps to make those first few weeks less stressful and more enjoyable by giving a better idea of what to expect.



      Registrations qualify for FULL refund up to 30 days prior to class.  Cancellation within 8 to 30 days of class is subject to a $50 administration fee.  Cancellation within 7 days of class is non-refundable.

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